Life List

Life List
(items and progress)
  1. Spirithood--Grey Wolf or Red Wolf. This is like a hoodie/scarf/mitten/hat//awesome accessory costume thing. I just LOVE the look. Its 100% FAKE fur and then also donate a portion of their profits to wildlife refuges. (Completed 12/27/12)
  2. Kindle (completed 1/2013)
  3. New Cat Tree--kitty furniture! The one I have has been with me for over 5 years and our current kitties have pretty much destroyed it. I would like to get my feline friends a new one or have someone build them one.  A large well built one is over $100! Expensive.
  4. Lizard Enclosures--These are expensive too! My little reptile would really enjoy new digs. 
  5. Horseback riding on the beach. Yes, this is a must.
  6. Visit the following places and the things I'd like to do there (and the list is ever-growing):
    • Colorado (LOVED IT!! Plan to go back!)
      • visit my best friend's who moved there! (trip planned for April 2013)
      • MOUNTAINS!
    • California
      • Joshua Tree National Forest
      • Visit TNTML friends :)
    • Key West
      • scuba or snorkel to see the REEF
    • Alaska
      • See Northern Lights
      • Meet sled dog team/handler/owner
    • Hawaii  
    • Yellowstone National Park
    • Best Friends Dog Town
  1. Tattoos--"breathe", "Be the change you wish to see in the world", and Veterinary Caduceus.
  2. Electric Car--Nissan Leaf. If the day comes that I ever buy a new car. 
  3. Purchase domain name completed Jan 2012
  4. Rent or purchase house with backyard
  5. Have an organic garden at said backyard
  6. Move out West...definitely one day. I LOVED Colorado. 
  7. Veterinary Technician
    • Started at San Juan College August 20, 2012. 
    • 30 classes required: 2 down, 1 in progress, 27 to go. (as of 4/2013)
    • Degree
    • National Exam (CVT)
    • Local Licensing
    • Specialty certification and/or Bachelors degree
  8. Bachelors degree in some sort of science: Biology, Marine Biology, Something Else. 
  9. Veterinary School--or obtain highest degree/acheivement in field of choosing
  10. Scuba Certification
  11. Meet the following people:
    1. Jen Friel from Talk Nerdy To Me Lover  @ St. Pete, FL
    2. Other TNTML friends
    3. My friend Bryan's lady Lily  @ Denver, CO
    4. Rest of my cousin Ryan's family in Broomfield, CO (and get him a dog in one year)
  12. Begin and maintain the following routines:
    1. eat breakfast everyday
    2. exercise 4-5 times per week
    3. walk dogs for 15 minutes every day
    4. blog here at least 3 times a week (2 original, 1 shared at both)
    5. weekly at TNTML
    6. keep a journal to help with thoughts
    7. read 12 books a year--I read a lot of veterinary text/articles so these are for fun
    8. do something with friends once a month
    9. do something special with david once a month
  13. Start working on idea for non-profit animal group

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