Monday, January 31, 2011

Up-cycled Kitty Litter Container= Magazine Holder!

This is my VERY FIRST mod podge project. I suppose this can also be considered a tutorial...
And this would be me, mod podge, and my victim...
(excuse the paleness and not looking so great--I've got the plague aka a cold)
 My helpers/supervisors
 Stealthy Helper/Supervisor
Not helping--definitely sleeping on other side of the room

Today I finished a crafty yet up-cycled project! I had been staring at the empty kitty litter container which is made from cardboard--rather than trying carry it around until I found somewhere to recycle it I decided I could use it. Also my magazines tend to just sit on a shelf in the bathroom--boring!

First I drew out what I wanted the shape to be:

Cut along the lines you drew. And if you purchased fresh step like I did--make sure you cut out your paw points and enter them on the website. (unfortunately I was unable to get mine to enter, kept saying invalid and I have no patience for dealing with customer service over a few points)

And of course since I had no real plan when I started covering this thing---I just started mod-podging plain white paper to that cardboard:

Now its time to decorate! I had printed out some free art from Indie Fixx: Indie Fixx Free Your Soul Free Art Project, some clippings from a vet med magazine, and a few other graphics I found online. Also I mixed two colors of green acrylic paint with some water to make kind of a paint "wash" you would use on canvas to cover without using three bottle of paint. It makes it look like water color paint and with the layers of paper its kind of cool. 
 You can see here that I had no plan because I mod podged the front labeling it "magazines" before I even colored it!
 Paint wash! After letting the paint wash stuff dry I mod podged the art to the magazine holder then mod podged a layer over everything.
 Awesome art from Indie Fixx....Free Your Soul: Free Art Project!

Sooo....let mod podge dry! And add your magazines! All that mod podge, cardboard, paper, and paint have made this a very sturdy magazine holder.
Final product! 

 And that's it!! From kitty litter container to magazine holder! This can be made with things you already have around your house!!

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