Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thing 23 and 24…plus have you heard about Zoe and Daisy??

wakka flakka cat
This is just a stray kitty in my neighborhood. But he’s really cute :)
I often feel like I am good at several things but not great at any one thing. I’m sure a lot of creative types feel that way.
 I absolutely LOVE (love love love love) puppy breath.
Yawning Puppy - dogs photo
Zoe and Daisy! Click on the words in between [these things] for links.

If you haven’t heard about Zoe and her kitty Daisy yet from other bloggers you should definitely check out her [blog]. But more importantly what is going on with [Daisy]. In summary: Daisy had to have emergency surgery which cost well over $3000 US dollars.


This is all after Zoe and her little family just spent nearly that much for their other kitty who is diabetic (doing just fine now). Anyway Daisy is doing pretty well but Zoe and her family still need to pay the vet. She is hosting some amazing giveaways for the next week or so. [Details click here.]


All you have to do is go to Daisy’s [chipin site] and donate at least $5 to get an entry for all the remaining giveaways. For every $5 donated, you receive one entry. I am donating a pouch inspired by Daisy that will go up sometime next week.

Daisy's Etsy Sale and Raffle
My 20 follower giveaway will happen before July 1st :)

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  1. Thank you for blogging about Daisy, and for the cute pouch!


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