Saturday, July 30, 2011

New look

I’m thinking about doing a new layout for the blog since I’m back and all. I update the favicon to a cute lil digital image I found of a peace sign and a paw print combined. If you can’t see it please let me know. The post I’m going to do tonight is about Animal Shelters. I’ve recently gained a large amount of knowledge regarding shelters and I really want to share it.
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Oh have a some pictures to share!
DSCF2202 DSCF2207
This is me doing laser therapy on a patient who was suffering from acute tetraparesis (Sudden inability to use all four limbs). The specialist recommended surgery and gave her a 50% chance of recovering, her owners didn’t want to do that and brought her back to us to see what we could do or at the very least euthanize her with people she knew and loved. WELL….5 weeks later….
She’s walking again, on her own!!
5 weeks of laser therapy on her cervical vertebrae, physical therapy, a little bit of prednisone and we have one happy walking dog. And it didn’t hurt that she lost like 12 lbs while boarding with us.

This was a few weeks ago, her recovery that is. With all that has been keeping me busy I just didn’t get to share this with you. I hope to share more treatment stories. In order to protect her identity we will call this lovely Koko.
Come back and see me later, I’m off to go take care of a hospitalized puppy who is suspicious for parvo virus. Vaccinate your furry friends please! This case wasn’t the mom’s fault, she adopted the lil one this way. Poor new momma!
Peace, Love, and Pawprints,


  1. wow i didn't know of laser therapy or that it could help with such a condition! that's so great that it worked and she's walking again. what a relief!

  2. that's awesome! i hadn't even heard of anything like that for dogs. :)
    i can't imagine how the dogs owners must have felt when they woke up one day and their dog couldn't walk (not to mention how the dog probably felt!)

  3. I couldn't read the post above this one, I just know it would make me cry.

    What a lovely story, animals are so resilient! And don't stress about lost followers, just keep writing good content and the readers will come! :)


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