Friday, September 16, 2011

Blogging live from pet adoption event!!

Hey guys =^.^=
I'm blogging live from the Martin Federal Credit Union. My clinic is doing an adoption event with Orange County Animal Services. Any pet adopted from a non profit rescue can receive its first exam for free and first dose of flea/heartworm prevention free as well as other little goodies.

Im here 11-4pm and it is HOT!

So below (blogger app is cool but i wish i could put the photos where i want instead of just at bottom) are photos of where I am now. I will be posting last weeks 52 photos entry shortly (it was taken last week so it counts).

Ps--totally forgot to tell you! I joined a blog community called 20 something bloggers ( ) which is pretty cool annnnd mobli!!

Mobli is the newest social networking site for uploading pics and video its reallllly fun! Please check it out: heres my account ( ) pleeeeaaassse like it on facebook (like button found on mobli profile). If you join ill totally follow back.




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