Sunday, December 4, 2011

Animal Rescue and Why No Kill Advocacy is so Important

I found these links when I began researching the No Kill Advocacy Movement. I truly truly believe in this No Kill idea. Please look into the links I have provided. Adopt a Shelter Pet. Don't buy! 30% of shelter pets are PUREBRED dogs or cats. And anywhere from 30-70% (90% in some places) of shelter pets that are healthy and adoptable are euthanized due to space limitations or other reasons.
This video is very long, but well worth it.

While we argued, Queenie Died.
This is the blog post that goes with the video
Recently I made this to remind myself of my passion. It's a photo I actually took at the shelter (its was a kill shelter, sorry I had to tell you). This poor little (big) guy was so depressed he wouldn't even come to the front of the kennel to say hi. The blurred gray in the photo are the bars of his kennel. This dog is a purebred St. Bernard. He completely broke my heart. This quote is my mission statement and when I heard it on the video I wanted to cry. I wanted to take back all the times that I said don't worry we can't save them all. And maybe we can't, but we damn sure better try.

Please remember, that we are their voice. They are helpless and need us. Adopt. Report animal abuse. Rescue. CARE.

Every. Life. Counts.

And if it doesn't matter to you, it does to me, and the ones I save.
<3 Lindsay @thecraftafarian


  1. I totally agree on the no kill thing! If only people would spay and neuter!

  2. Hey! Popped over here from TNTML and so glad that I did - great blog for a fellow animal lover :-) That video was hard to watch, but completely worth it. They hit the nail on the head when they said it's more than just population control and that people need to understand that an animal is a lifetime commitment, which can be 15+ years if you are lucky! Anyway, thanks for posting and for caring :-) I'm going to go hug my dog right now!


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