Sunday, January 29, 2012

Exciting News {TNTML}

I have news!! Yay!! I start school this Summer and I'm so freaking excited (I'm starting to feel like a dork).*happy dance* I'm even more happy because if you remember my post 10 Life Tweaks for 2012 (here or TNTML), figuring out school was on there. So I've accomplished a goal also. YES.
After researching several schools I finally applied to a school with a veterinary technician program so I can earn my certification and license for Florida, super exciting! I was conflicted for a long time about what to do regarding school and my career. I mean I love animals, medicine, and science so I feel like I'm in the right field but it would be nice to further my education and/or have something to fall back on. Plus many times more education in the field means more compensation so that would be great. I don't know if I'm going to stop after this degree, I guess it just depends on how I feel. 
I enrolled at San Juan College, located in New Mexico-They have an awesome online distance learning program. I chose this school for a number of reasons:

1. Highly recommended by a graduate I spoke to online.
2. When I emailed the adviser for information she responded immediately and even gave me a phone number to call her directly if I had any questions. (I can't even get on the phone immediately with a real person at any of my previous schools when I call.) She encouraged that I call to discuss  any questions(I never did, hehe I just like that I can if I need to).
3. Even though the school is located in New Mexico the cost for my out of state tuition is less than the cost of Florida in state tuition. Maybe I should move their because their in state tuition is a steal. 
4. NM considers me a degree seeking student while the state of FL classifies me as a non-degree seeking student (personal interest) because I have an AA degree. This classification is very important because only degree seeking students can receive financial aid. 
5. I don't have to take a drug test for this school--which is great because I really hate going to the lab centers and waiting to pee in a cup. It’s just uncomfortable and I always feel like there are judging me.
6. I don't have to travel to the school to take exams or do hands on skills. The school in FL requires you to drive to their testing center or pay someone at UCF $25 per exam to proctor. 
7. Maybe more, I can't think right now. 
Basically I take my tests and quizzes online, submit assignments, and group chat discussions. The thing about the distance learning program is that you have to be working at a veterinary office in order to get "classroom experience." My boss is going to be my mentor and he has to sign off on skills so that I can move forward in the classes. Just because I live and work in FL doesn't mean I have to go to the school here. I chose an AVMA and AAHA accredited school (vet associations) which means its a good solid school and the degree being on my resume will be an asset. Once I earn the degree I have to take the national exam which costs $300 or more--it takes about 6 weeks to find out if you passed. Then in order to be licensed in FL I have to take yet another exam (and pay another $50) once all that is finished I will have earned my veterinary technician degree. Like any medical degree you have to obtain a certain number of continuing education credits to keep your license active (and pay dues, of course). I think this will make me feel very accomplished. Also being certified tends to get you loads more respect in the field than experience. *sigh* With 12 years experience you would think I wouldn't be talked to like a kid...(not my boss or coworkers, just other people, other colleagues)
My plan after that is to start a bachelors program in biology or marine biology (I like science) and then maybe a masters, maybe one day a PhD or DVM (veterinarian). The reason I'm not starting a bachelors degree now is because my GPA isn't awesome and I'm kinda blacklisted from UCF so I don't really have a public university that I can go to right now. That's why I decided to get my vet tech degree as I am currently working in the field and don't plan to change anytime soon. Plus taking these classes will help boost my GPA (if I do well, I mean WHEN) and then I can apply with a nice plump GPA. More on that stuff another time, its a fun tale. 
I haven't taken classes in over two years (I think). Now I have even more stuff to juggle but I'm really happy about it. Sometimes I had trouble with classes that didn't interest me so I'm hoping that since this is going to be all vet tech stuff I'm going to dive right in and be a genius. Haha. It will take hard work but it's so going to be worth it. 
Anyone else out there going to school? Let's help motivate each other!


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