Friday, February 24, 2012

My Valentines


Hey Nerds! Sick of valentines day posts and tweets yet?? Well sorry, you're about to get another one. I promise not to be too sappy but just share my experience with my two valentine's dates. 

Ha! That was sorta a trick, its sounds very interesting but in actuality I hung out with my good friend on vday night and my boyfriend and I make our own valentines day....

My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years. We've lived together for 3. Throughout all 5 years we have struggled to spend time together. We started dating when I lived in Gainesville, FL. I worked the night shift in small animal ICU hospital and he worked as a cook in Orlando, FL. We saw each other on the weekends when I had days off--which was crazy because he usually worked weekends and had days off during the week (go figure). So I would come down and stay at his place and we would spend time together when he wasn't working. I moved back to Orlando in December 2008, which is when we moved in together. Now I work full time as a vet tech in a general practice and he works as a server at an italian restaurant. Our days off hardly ever match up and he works later in the evening than I do. Maybe that's why we work so well, because we have plenty of time by ourselves--everyone needs time to be by themselves. So anyway my boyfriend and I aren't all that into valentines day. We do celebrate it because we are both so very busy and like to be able to devote a night or day to each other. 

We do a few things different though:

1. We never ever ever go out on the actual day/night of February 14. Even if we both have off we wouldn't want to go out during that madness. But he didn't because he was busy serving other people out for their valentines dinner. We always go out the before, after, or within a few days. This year we went out February 15th around 8pm and it was awesome. 

2. We don't do gifts, its not about that. It's about spending time together and enjoying it. (Ok I take that back, one year we were too broke to swing a nice dinner and I was working late so he went out on February 15th and got me a cute little bear, heart candle, a bunch of candy, and mcdonalds. He met me at the door when I got home. So cute. That's the only time he actually purchased gifts for the holiday.)

3. We usually go out to dinner to a place we both like AKA steak (or a new place) and if we can afford it will go "all out" and get appetizers, dinner, drinks, and dessert. We talked during dinner and had a great time. I even had plenty of leftovers for a yummy dinner the next night (he had to work). That night we had talked about going to a movie but we both agreed we would just go home and watch TV--we just got cable after two years of using the internet for TV, downloading, and antenna. It was a great night, yummy food, drinks, TV, and my boyfriend. :)

The actual night of Valentine's Day I made dinner for my good friend @therabidsmiley and we watched the Harold and Kumar Christmas Movie and you know, did what you should be doing while watching Harold and Kumar. Good times! I didn't want my friend to have to be alone on Wicked Heart Day or Single Awareness Day (or myself for that matter) so we hung out, talked, and had a general good time. I guess the point of this story is that you don't have to be in a relationship to have a nice vday (although I'm sure its much preferred, I understand) and just because you don't get to be with significant other during the holiday doesn't mean you can't' make it happen. However if I had to go to court on vday like Jen, I wouldn't be too happy about it either. Honestly going to court any day sounds terrible--speaking of which I just got a jury duty summons and I'm pretty sure I don't have a way out of it....

Thanks again @therabidsmiley for being my valentine's night date and thanks to my awesome boyfriend for taking me out to dinner (he would correct me and say WE took us out to dinner).


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