Thursday, March 8, 2012

I got sucked into Groupon

And I think I like it….
Hehe, it has so many cool deals but you HAVE to read the fine print!!! I purchased this Metabody Yoga and Fitness Pass, it was $20 and then as a first time groupon user you get a $10 coupon, so in total it cost me $10! The pass is for 30 classes to be used in a three month time period--there are a few catches:
1. It can be used at 13 different locations but the cap at each location is either 5 or 10 classes.
2. You have to register online, no drop in classes :(
3. Locations are kind of all over the orlando(ish) area.
Otherwise I think it will be really cool! I got it for yoga but I may try out some of the fitness bootcamp classes if I get brave enough. I’ll definitely keep you posted as I’ve NEVER done a yoga or fitness class, I’ve always done videos at home with my bestie (Willow Tree!) or used the treadmill at the gym. Actually one time I signed up for a  gym and got a free hour of personal training which was fucking intense but that was years ago and when I was a kid I was in karate (so much fun!).
If you sign up and purchase a deal I get a $10 credit so here’s the link for that:
I just checked and the deal finally ended (although it was supposed to end early on 3/7 they closed it midnight on 3/8) but there is plenty of cool stuff—just put in the town/city closest to you and BAM stuff :)

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  1. You live in Orlando? I used to live there! Where at!??


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