Tuesday, April 10, 2012


What a week! We've been extremely busy at work lately (all except for my day off, what the hell?); which is great but we aren't really staffed to be busy all day long. So there is talk of hiring another person, not sure what position exactly. Besides being busy at the clinic we've had several of our patients pass away including one of our tech's dogs. The pup had congestive heart failure and collapsing trachea, she had lived a long and good life so it was time. Other than Peanut we have had 9 other sympathy cards to sign--some passed away at home, some euthanized at our clinic, and some at the emergency clinic. What a depressing week at the clinic!! The only upside to everything at work right is (I guess it's an upside..) is that we have 6 (we had 7) kittens that we are fostering. IMG_0764
They were abandoned in cardboard boxes on the clinic property by our side door. The thing about this is that a few months ago the same thing happened with 5 kittens. These boxes were cut and taped exactly the same as the last ones ANNND these kittens look related to the last bunch we had. Great. If this continues we will be forced to just take them to the county shelter as strays. Its been very difficult to place strays into rescues or shelters lately as they are all full or too picky about what kind of pet they will accept. We've been told already by one group that because they are all black kittens they will be more difficult to adopt our and therefore they cannot take them for us. The county won't even guarantee that they will be put up for adoption. What's a small clinic to do when every few months we have a litter of kittens dumped on us? It costs us over $50 in supplies(not even time/effort) to make sure they are eligible for adoption. We feel it is only responsible to test them for parasites, leukemia/feline aids, vaccinate, and deworm them before we give them away...for free. It sucks because I know its only a matter of time before we have to stop helping the ones abandoned at our clinic. The 6 remaining kittens (one went to her new home today!) are most likely safe from being turned over as we've had them for two weeks and now we are all a little attached to them. It sucks to be a stray animal, or a lost animal even. IMG_0777
If you are in Florida, specifically the Orlando area (although anyone willing to pick up the kitten is able to adopt) and are interested in adopting a baby kitten please let me know!!
I've also been pet sitting all week on top of coming home to care for my pets and taking my boyfriend to and from work. Oh and medicating all my pets including a sick bearded dragon. He's about 8 years old now and still very active. Busy busy busy week. This coming Wednesday my boyfriend is having oral surgery to place a permanent tooth implant--which I'm not even sure how we are paying for it. When he told me he scheduled it I asked him how we were going to pay for it and he said "I don't know yet." WHAT THE HELL? Um, so I don't know what the hell is going on. After tonight I get to come home for good from pet sitting, I can't wait to be back in my own place and just relax. 
Oh!!! I just found out last week that my boyfriend's family will be taking us on a 4 day vacation in the Bahamas. His stepmom works for a timeshare company so they get points and special deals. We will be staying in Atlantis at the Harborside Resort. I have been the last two times with them at it is just AMAZING. So yeah for vacation!! Less than 30 days to go. Which is also why I'm exercising more...hehe. I will be looking into international texting and data so that I can share some experiences, if I'm not too busy kicking back :) http://www.atlantis.com/default.aspx
Our original vacation dates we were unable to book so it is currently TBA when I will be going on vacation :( boooo! But it will be soon-ish I’m sure.
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