Sunday, April 15, 2012

So I caved…

I’m always browsing Blowfish shoes ( because they are just so damn cute plus they are a sponsor for Talk Nerdy to Me Lover ( so it’s always good to support awesome companies. I just have a hard time spending so much on shoes although I know they are SUPER comfy, cute, and durable. So while I was looking at clearance I stumbled across this hard case wallet thing:
I lucked out St. Patty’s weekend as it was on sale for $15.00, plus I had an additional 10% for being a studiob mailing list subscriber, AND free shipping! I got this clutch/hard case wallet for $13.50 with free shipping. I love it! It makes it so much easier to organize my wallet contents! And today I saw the same sort of thing at target but it didn’t have as much space plus it felt super light and cheap. Yay! I’m slowing spending my christmas money that I hoarded away in case something bad happened and we needed it for household stuff. Its all amex gift cards and I have a few other specific gift cards.
Oh, and its faux leather, that stuff is not real!!
Yay for pretty things!


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