Thursday, July 12, 2012

Help Save Cali

saving one dogWhile I was on facebook I saw that a friend that I used to work with at University of Florida--Veterinary Medical Center (ICU department) had posted about a patient that she had fallen in love with. Her name was Cali and she was a young (about 3 yrs.) chocolate lab that has been bitten in the face by a Diamondback Rattlesnake in their yard. Her owners had rushed her to the emergency vet but by morning her face was completely swollen. During the drive to University of FL her condition began to worsen. When she finally arrived at UF her swollen face had almost doubled in size. The amazing ICU team immediately began to work on her. Throughout her stay there everyone who met her has fallen in love with her. My friend even wrote that Cali gave her a kiss last night which was impossible when she arrived due to her swelling. Despite her condition and pain this dog has continued to show love and affection to all of her caretakers. Unfortunately her owners at their limit as they have already spent several thousands on her vet care. However, since she is improving they are asking help spreading her story and if anyone is able to donate at least $1 to help defer the cost of her care. She has already received 18 vials of anti-venom. Each vial costs about $300 on top of all the other costs of medications, hospitalization, tests, etc. The update today states that Cali is doing well and shouldn't need more anti-venom but the side effects from the bite will certainly need more treatment and care. Cali now needs surgery to heal her wounds. 

I know all you animal lovers out there understand this family's call for help. If you aren't able to donate at least PLEASE share, repost, tweet, whatever social media outlet you want. But please help us get Cali's story spread across the interwebz. If you can donate, they are only asking $1, if you can do more, awesome. I know this is a real call for help and not a scam because I know one of the veterinary technicians who is taking care of Cali. The plan to use the donations to help with the remaining costs for Cali's care and if there is leftover they will be donating it to the Pet Samaritan Fund which helps families and pets in similar situations to Cali. 

Here is Cali's facebook page:

A video her family made:

Cali's Chip-in:

And a news story in Orlando about her:

From one pet-parent to another, thank you for helping.



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