Monday, July 2, 2012

Klout Perks: Free Movie, Ted!

Thanks to Klout and Falling Skies of TNT I recieved two free passes to Regal Cinemas for a movie of our choice. Oh and I should let you know about the disclaimer, ugh I'm at work on lunch break so I dont have it exactly but basically the disclaimer states that I was given this perk due to my influence on social networks and I am not required to post/review unless I want to. I am not paid nor asked by any company or brand affiliated with klout to review products or perks. That being said all reviews are 100% my opinion and will always be so. If a company asks me to give an opinion that is not my own my answer is no sorry! tickets to a movie of my choice is freaking AwEsOMe (this caps thing just kinda happened on my iphone, whatevs). We decided to see Ted as we love family guy and crude humor. We did spend some money on snacks which totally ruined my healthy day! We got popcorn and a sprite for $13...DAMN! And also we snuck in a giant bag of M&M's.

The movie was hilarious!!! So funny, not a moment where I didn't enjoy it. It was kind of like a Family Guy movie but thats ok with me!

So yeah, fun little movie date sponsored by Klout and Falling Skies, thanks again :)


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