Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How many times can I break down on a highway?

This week on my way home from work my front drivers side tire got a flat while on the interstate during rush hour. It was weird because at first I didnt realize then suddenly my tire was flat. Usually you can feel something is wrong before it goes totally flat. I immediately called my boyfriend to let him know and then my dad (he helps me with car troubles). We determined that I needed to call AAA since my spare tire was no good either. (Thankfully we have AAA membership courtesy of my boyfriend's dad.) Since I was stuck on the side of I-4 (which they don't consider a safe place apparently) my call was out on priority. Just a word of advice if you are ever in this situation: make sure hazards are on, remain IN the car, and keep seatbelt on! You never know, its possible to get hit.

As I was waiting for the tow truck I called the closest tire kingdom which ended up being closed but it forwards the call to a service center which helps direct calls and answer questions. The guy I spoke to was very helpful and patched me through to a shop that was open until 8pm. I absolutely had to get this fixed immediately as I had to be back at work at 730am. At this time it was about 7pm. It still took about 30 minutes for the tow truck to arrive.

Once the driver put safety cones out he came up to my window and offered me an ice cold bottle of water! I was totally surprised! I have terrible luck it seems with cars so Ive been towed many times and no one has EVER offered me a drink! It was great as my cars AC is broken and I was really hot. He does his inspection, takes photos of the car with his tablet (to document condition of the car), and we were off in a few minutes. Thanks to that driver I avoided another potential blow out--he noticed my other front tire was in bad shape and recommended I have that one replaced also.

We finally make it to Tire Kingdom near my house (only one open in the area til 8). It was 7:55pm, the driver and I had conspired for him to get the car off his truck really quick so they "have" to take me. Being the smarty pants that I am, I had the tire kingdom employee pull my previous records and have the tires ready in advance--I was just hoping they would be willing to help me out just minutes before they were scheduled to go home.

And they were! It took 15-20 minutes for them to change my tires out. While I sat in the lobby I caught the tail end of the "republican war against women" and just shook my head...what is wrong with those guys??

Anyway, thank you SO much AAA driver--you rock!! And tire kingdom guys--you saved my ass, awesome dudes!!

Good to know there are a few nice people out there, without having to look very hard. :)

Internet is still out, poo! Hard to believe how difficult it is to find free wifi in Orlando, FL. 3G and trips to starbucks will suffice.

<3 Lindsay


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