Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thank you Twitter: My latest from TNTML

This is my latest post for Talk Nerdy to Me Lover, I know I've only been sharing posts from there lately but now that we have our internet and wifi back (well almost on the wifi, that story will be for another day) it will be much easier to format my blog posts. I was just copy-pasting into blogger app and then tweaking the text from either the website or my email to @jenfriel so that I could share something with you all at least once a week. Anyway, here goes:

Thank you Twitter!

So most of you probably know from my last few posts that we have been without cable/internet due to financial reasons. Anyway we finally got back on track and called last night to pay and have the service reconnected. The first guy David talks to I can tell immediately that the dude had no idea what he was talking about. (The company had recently sent us a letter asking for the equipment back but David called to tell them we were planning to reconnect so the rep advised us to keep our cable box/modem-router.)

First the guy kept asking what address we were inquiring about for service, our old address still has an account but its 'closed' so apparently it confuses people--I don’t understand why he couldn’t just assume we were calling about the address we have equipment at...whatever. Then once we finally get the rep to understand what address we were at he tells us since the letter for equipment return was sent out we were required to bring it back to a local office and then schedule a new installation. I can see David getting irritated so I told him to either hang up or ask for a manager. He hung up.

I called back. (Another problem is you can get stuck in the automated system, I just keep hitting 0 until it transfers me to a human being.) I tell the woman our situation: we want to pay off our balance and have service restored. She reviewed the account, "No problem!" I told her what the other rep said and asked that they be informed of the actual protocol--she tried to look him up via the call trail but since he was a 3rd party rep all she could acquire was an ID number. No worries, I said. Turned to David, no wonder he gave us the wrong info. David thinks he always gets this kind of employee on the phone.

Our new rep processes our payment and tells me service will be back tomorrow since they just have to turn the outside box on. I hang up, very satisfied. Apparently this morning David called to ask what time we should expect service and he is told we were misinformed about today and we are scheduled in 6 days--still only the outside box needs to be turned on but due to the holiday they are super busy apparently. David calls again and is able to get it moved up one day. I tried live chat online but the rep, while very nice and informative, he couldn’t help me. 

So I turned to twitter and sent a tweet to @brighthousecare.

The rep Nick was very understanding to our dilemma (I'm going back to school now for veterinary technician online) as he too is an online student. After reviewing our account Nick immediately called the dispatch manager and was able to move it up to Monday--only two days away. Yes! Just in time for David's (and mine!) fantasy football draft. Satisfied, I retire my attitude for another time.

David texts me shortly after because a Brighthouse service agent came to try to pick up the equipment (he couldn’t turn our service on though)...what the hell guys?? Check your records!!!

As many times as we called we couldn’t get anyone to budge, but good ol' twitter came through. Or at least Nick, the customer service rep with a heart, went the extra mile and made a few calls for us.


<3 Lindsay



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