Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fun pink tote bag

I can't remember where I based the pattern off of, I found some cute lil tote bag pattern and used their dimensions but sewed it with my own design. I made this for my friend for secret santa, I'm already thinking of way to improve it but I just wanted to share. I don't have many pictures. I may try to recreate it to give a tutorial.


Here is the bag finished. Pink fabric on outside, brown lining.  Polka dot ribbon around the top and as the strap. Also embellished with daisies. On the inside there is a pocket with daisy print fabric. The dachshund on the front I drew and cut out by hand.

close up of the dacshund, see how the stiching is crooked on her little belly. My friend loved it, and I was quite pleased with myself as well.

Happy Crafting !


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