Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Craft Corner!! (corner of my bedroom)

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( Indie ) Pretty Projects: Creating Work Space in a Small Space
Last week I threw all of my craft stuff from the various spots in the apartment into this corner of my bedroom. Today I had plans to transform/tidy up this corner so that I could actually create rather then be frustrated by the clutter!
Before doing so, I had to check the blogs (of course). Lo and behold!! Ashley at Indie Pretty Projects blogged about corner work spaces. Click the link above to visit Ashley’s blog.
I hadn’t planned on posting a blog about my craft corner but since I couldn’t figure out how to post comments with photos on Ashley’s blog I decided today I would blog about my new (but not finished) craft corner. Keep in mind, I didn’t purchase anything to decorate it—and I didn’t decorate it. I just organized everything, but this will show you how anyone can turn a small space into a work area. DSCF0751
The corner of my bedroom I designated for crafting purposes.
Underneath the wooden table are plastic drawers. Fabric etc. in the left and yarn etc. in the right.
Bookshelf! Top shelf (not pictured) has my various animal statues and stuff. Next shelf printer/paper. Following shelf has a few vet tech books, office/school type supplies. Final shelf (beneath all the little items are a unused tv and computer tower) has baskets of ribbon, buttons, seashells, and beads.
Top of one of our dressers is used as my sewing machine table. Next to the dresser is plastic drawers which contain my painting supplies.
Another view of the corner.
Work table: plan wooden table so I won’t mind if it gets scuffed  up, glued, painted, or whatever. My new mat and rotary cutter! Mod podge, hot glue gun, and other needed crafting accessories. Remember I new to this stuff so its not gorgeous, I spend more time making crafts pretty. One day I will craft/decorate for myself :)
Another view of the corner. That laundry basket is sitting on my bed. To the right of my dresser is a basket full of purses/bags and a giant bean bag called a love sak.
Hope you enjoyed my new craft corner. I literally just snapped photos immediately after I determined it wasn’t too messy to share. Follow me!!


  1. This is completely awesome! In our previous house (it was 850 square feet)... I had something similar. I would actually craft on the bed because there was not room for more than just shelves in our bedroom!

  2. Thank you so much! :) Our apt is about 750 sq feet, one bedroom and instead of having random supplies throughout the house I decided to put it all in one place. Being able to see all of my supplies helps inspire me to use them! And thanks for the video link, awesome!


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