Sunday, April 17, 2011


So I tried out a new hat pattern that I found thru ravelry. Its called the rastaflorian hat.
Rastaflorian Hat--designed by a very talented yarn crafter. Check out her blog and the free pattern here.

I've been pretty absent from this blog lately, which doesn't mean I'm not stalking other blogs, I just haven't done much that I feel is worth posting. But I guess I don't always have to post about crafts, sometimes I have a fairly exciting life. Well, more amusing than exciting. Anyway I have a few blog posts lined up for this week and a few projects I doodled in my craft journal/notepad/to do list. Don't forget I am an avid amateur photographer so I will try to incorporate my photographic journey as well.

Blogs I recommend today:

Also check out Artichoke Designs! Kelsey is awesome, craft, and fashionable! She's hosting an awesome craft swap that I'm taking part in.

giveaway at this blog:
---winner being chosen on 4/18

And as favorite...

ok,'s the pics of the rasta hat.

That is me trying to play with the timed shooting mode. Or whatever. The hat came out nicely. Not really my style but its super cute and I think someone will like it. 

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