Friday, May 20, 2011

Why Do You Blog?

I started blogging recently to share my crafts with the craft blogging community. But I also blog for many reasons.  I blog to put my thoughts into words, to organize my crafting ideas, to show my photography, and to make new crafty friends. I blog to keep in touch with my friends and to share with the online community.
My favorite things to blog about are my crafts, my pets, and photography :)
I read other blogs to connect with other people, to become inspired, and to learn from others.
DSCF1881  DSCF2105DSCF2033 DSCF2073
(all these photos are un-edited)
**Stay tuned for May 23rd, there will be a giveaway in honor or May Giveaway Day at Sew Mama Sew**

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