Sunday, May 22, 2011

New items on Etsy! AKA Show-n-Tell

So I wanted to share some new things I made…one pair of earrings and two charms for a necklace. All handmade! These will be available in my etsy shop as I’m hoping to get a decent amount of traffic to my blog tomorrow due to SewMamaSew Giveaway Day. You should definitely check it out monday after 9:30am there will be a list of around 300 blogs who are hosting giveaways on May 23rd! The item I am giving away is my favorite pendant that I made from a shell from Cocoa Beach, FL. That post will go out tonight around 11pm so it is ready for tomorrow. I’ll try to post a link to the blog list whenever they put it up on monday. Anyway…here’s some fun stuff:
Clay bead earrings
Shell from Cocoa Beach, FL smoothed edges with dremel tool. Pearl bead attached with small bit of chain. Necklace not included, pendant only.
Same deal with this one. Sanded down rough edges. Attached a pretty pink bead to the top. Chain not included, pendant only. From Cocoa Beach, FL.
You guys may have seen these before, this was my valentines day project. I’m listing it on etsy because I can just make new ones and I thought it might  be a cute gift for someone for their anniversary. Hide little gifts in each box, or a cute love note.
These are handmade plastic canvas boxes with acrylic yarn. The letters have some dimension as I cut them from plastic canvas as well and stitched them onto the boxes.
And well I had another pair of earrings I was working on but those lil bitty shells did not stand up to the dremel or bits of wire that I use to connect them. If they are too weak to be made into jewelry then they are too weak to use at all.

And….. SNEAK PEAK! Cuz I want my current readers to see what they may be able to win tomorrow.
DSCF2061The photo of this will be much bigger tomorrow :) Good luck <3

ps-All my photos are edited in picnik—I highly recommend it :)
and that was a tip from


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