Thursday, July 28, 2011

GIVEAWAY!!!!! Seriously I mean it…

If you were so kind as to stick around during my 8 weeks of absence.….ok more like 3 but whatever. Rather than tell a whole big story I’ll just give you the short version:
Gma has been in and out of hospital so that’s just kind of always there. Work has been busy on and off. Tired all the time. Birthday came around and that seemed to take up more attention than I thought, but for the most part it was awesome. I have really great friends. and boyfriend :)
Oh and apparently my depression has been stupid lately so I’m sleeping a ton and only getting more tired. I woke up this morning with horrible black bags under my eyes, so much so David actually was like "your eyes look really bad.”
That’s ok, just gotta get up and DO something. So, I’ll write a post for tomorrow kind of catching up on my plans for my “life reconstruction” haha. Its good though.
Here is your giveaway!!! Its actually TWO PRIZES which means TWO WINNERS since I love you so much :)
giveaway pouch  inside giveaway1pouch
I made this awesome little pouch for one lucky reader :) Its approx. 4 inches tall by 7 inches long. Not much width. It’s the first pouch I’ve made so go easy on me!

giveaway ipad cover
This is an ipad grip cover that I have acquired and as I have no ipad I thought it might be a nice giveaway. It’s valued at like $10. I hope someone has an ipad out there or you know someone you would like to gift one to!

OK! So giveaway details:
~I will leave this open for one week for those peeps who may only get to check their bloggies on weekends. Open starting today 7/28/2011 7pm to 8/4/2011 7pm EASTERN TIME. Winner will be announced by 8/7/2011—whenever I blog next after winners have been chosen basically.
~You MUST be a follower, as this is celebrating my 20(+) followers. There will be two winners.
~Must leave a comment on this post saying which prize you prefer (additional entires see below)
~Two winners will be selected via random number generator
~I will try very hard to match winners with their preferred prize but I only have one of each. First random generated winner will receive first preferred prize. (I hope this makes sense)
~Additional entries—leave an additional comment for each. Please leave a link or your username for these.
1. Like the craftafarian on facebook:
2. Follow me on bloglovin:
3. Follow me on twitter:!/TheCraftafarian
4. Announce on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc. about this giveaway. Please leave a link.
5. Like my etsy shop…and watch because items will be added soon!
So that is 6 entries total if you feel like doing them all. Each additional entry increases your odds of winning..duh right? I would LOVE LOVE if you did as it helps to spread the word. Stay tuned for more post this week. I’m back!


  1. Did you know that I am on your blog so much that I thought I was following...but actually wasn't For shame!!! I fixed that!

  2. Thanks for linking this up to my Wickedly Crafty Saturdays! Hope to see more from you this coming Saturday.


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