Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm still here

So in case anyone thinks I'm completely bonkers or forgot about you--its not the case. My AC crapped out yet again and so I really can't do much else than watch tv/play on comp while sitting in front of a bunch of fans. I live in FL if you didn't know.

The fabric has been cut, it is a cute little zippered pouch about 8x4 inches. I just can't muster up the strength to get out my machine and sew. Its too hot and I feel like poo. I should post the finishing touches of my 26 things today. If my new AC unit comes today I will take out my sewing machine, but more likely I will sew it up saturday and post the giveaway. Thanks for being so patients my great followers (for those of you that actually read--I dont blame you sometimes if you don't, I can ramble on and on).

It was my birthday yesterday and my lovely friends took me out to dinner and I got a little chocolate wasted if you will. Great night, slow morning + no ac = absolutely no productivity.

I hope you understand. :)

ps- I forgot to eat so now my blood sugar is wacky (I have the opposite of diabetes--hypoglycemia) So I have to get dressed and I'm gonna go to my amazing boyfriends work and let him buy my dinner of delicious pizza. That would be why I'm super out of shape, I eat too much pizza :)


  1. EEEEK! AC out in Florida=no beueno! I live in California am it is also a million degrees here as well. We are kindof like twinseies. My name is Lindsay too AND I am type 1 diabetic. Just a little fyi ha ;) Enjoy your pizza~

  2. I eat too much pizza, too! I'm addicted to the stuff. Because it's delicious. :)


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