Friday, July 1, 2011

Just another day…see end of post for giveaway update

Project 52—July 2011-2012 {flickr}
Week 1
Today is the start of my project 52. Some people do crafts, recipes, or photography—but honestly it can be done with anything type of project or activity. I will post one photo a week (52 weeks in a year) on the blog but I will also have it on my flickr account (because its awesome to see them all at once)…you may have seen some similar things going around.
Photography Projects but these ladies do all sorts of amazing things:
Kelsey the blogger of Artichoke Designs is doing a 365. {Kelsey’s awesome 365 project}.
Alycia at TheCuriousPug is doing a Project 52. {Alycia’s fantastic project 52}.
Elycia at Love, Elycia has restarted her 365 project since her birthday {Elycia’s excellent 365 project}.
This is my newest blog to stalk and apparently I’m hers too :
<3 Katie at Hazel and Mare has a cute little project of a Haiku a Day—they are really cute and often quite funny. {Katie’s fun daily Haikus—a project 365}.
Here are some more things about me {26 things!}:
9. I love spinach and artichoke veg or dip, seafood/sushi, pizza, chocolate, and starbucks chai latte…YUM!
8. I live in FL and I have had my AC serviced five times seven times in 12 months. Three of which has been in the last 7 days.
7. I can never, ever decide what I want to do or eat.
6. Sometimes I think people should have to have a license of some kind to have children and own pets.
5. I am very new to machine sewing! I used to sew by hand all the time when I was younger, I used to make clothes for my pets and stuffed animals.
{Giveaway Update}:
I’m sorry to say that I’ve had to push the 20 (now 20+) followers giveaway back. I’ve had a crazy week at work: emergency splenectomy on a Rottweiler, hospitalized renal failure Labrador, general craziness of working a veterinary clinic, and David’s (the bf) aunt’s dog is hospitalized at the specialty clinic so I’ve been on call for updates (since I know some of the awesome people there) and reassurance. Anyway instead of starting 52 weeks project on my birthday I decided to do it today and as a present to you all for my birthday I will announce the giveaway that day! I will leave it open for several days to give everyone time to participate. Also I’m still working on the gift so I really couldn’t start it yet!
So yes, giveaway, absolutely will happen July 6th! Woo!


  1. I'm so sorry about all the difficulties you've had this week! I hope things calm down for you, and and everyone (and every pup) is back to good health soon.

    Thank you for your sweet words about my blog! I am happy we are blog friends now!

  2. Good luck with the project, I've never started any 365 or 52 things because I just know I'd never finish them!


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