Sunday, August 7, 2011

August Break Days 1-6

Ive been pretty busy at work lately so at night I’ve been way too tired to post much. We did have an awesome winner of my giveaway—Amie at Kitty Cats and Airplanes. Yayyy! I will be shipping your prizes out sometime next week. Since I am participating in the August Break I wanted to update you on the photos. You can check out my flickr to see descriptions of the photos but the point of August Break is to give you the choice to take a break by only posting photos with or without words. Fun! I’m sure I’ll say stuff sometimes but I’m just going to share the photos today. Also I had to put my Project 52 on hold because honestly I’m not really doing it. So I’m going to start that back up but I want to rename it, I’ll let you know ^.^
IMG_0353 Day One
IMG_0356Day Two
IMG_0359Day Three
DSCF2387Day Four
IMG_0370Day Five
DSCF2391Day Six

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  1. I love your puppy pictures! I am so glad you are there to keep them safe and healthy! :)


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