Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dog Days of August aka Photo Dump

Yeah so I’ve been somewhere, still taking photos for August Break/I photograph my life when possible. Soo I’ve probably missed a day or two here and then but I think for the most part you guys will have a ton of pics to view here…enjoy!!
Warning: Many photos will be of animals because I love them. So deal with it :)DSCF2393

Aug 7
My dog Wynnie swimming

Aug 7 (extra photo)
I swear this may be the Lochness Monster in Winter Park, FL

Aug 8
Rough sketch of Craftafarian logo.
Peace. Love. Pawprints. :)


Aug 9
David and I went to have lunch. YUM!


Aug 10
Patient at work after her surgical procedure.
PS-Saw her again today and she’s doing great!


Aug 11
David and I relaxing on the couch.


Aug 11 (extra)
Caught the kitties fighting…haha =^.^=


Aug 12
Patient at work. I chat with the owners (they are also personal friends of mine) via text for updates—he’s doing pretty well too.

OOPS we missed the 13th :( I didn’t do that on purpose, its one of my favorite numbers

Aug 14
View from the backyard at work—the clinic


Aug 15
Silly conversation with a great friend :)
I said I was hungry and that’s what happens…


Aug 16
My dog River playing dead in the backyard at the clinic.


Aug 17
Gotta have Starbucks Chai!
The next few photos are all from Aug 17, I had a mini adventure in downtown Orlando by Lake Eola


Aug 17 Black Swans


Aug 17 View of Lake Eola


Aug 17 Squirrelly friend

I missed August 18th :(


Aug 19
My friend/vet’s dog—we bring our kids to work sometimes.


Aug 20
Me and said friend from above watching 30 rock on the couch. We just took this, we are not pretty, do not judge us. Ok screw you, we are hot. :)

Ookkkaaaaay, I told you guys it was a photo dump. Now lets hope for more regular posting. I’m a naughty blogger, but whatevs.
Goodnight and dream well.
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