Sunday, August 28, 2011

I’m sorry I think I need to scream…

Warning: This is my randombling/venting about a few things that happened this week. May contain adult language, profanity, cynicism, sarcasm, feminine issues, and heart wrenching stories. Behold my amazing wit and the curse that is empathy!
Warning #2: This is a very wordy post…feel free to skip but you may be entertained.
Oh boy, its been one of those weeks. Where to begin…it didn’t start off badly really. I mean I guess PMSing never really helps. So I’m just more crampy, emotional, and tired than normal this week and it just makes for bad situations with the boyfriend. Monday was just an insane day at work, it was good because we had lots of business, come home and basically crashed the hell out. David ended up walking the dogs for me Monday night because I pretty much passed out when I got home.
Besides work just being busy and preparing the clinic for three different sort of events (1.we did a living social thingy for a discounted bath, 2. Sept start our pet biggest loser contest and 3. also we are going to be at several adoption events coming up in sept) I was just plain freakin tired all week.
Thursday I guess I was being overly sensitive and kept getting upset whenever David and our two friends were teasing me. So David and I are pseudo fighting on and off cuz I’m bitchy and he’s tired (he picked up a bunch of extra shifts-he’s a server at an Italian Restaurant). I’m working on just taking what he says as conversation and not taking it personally. We have a hard time talking sometimes because I get upset when he’s just trying to discuss things. So its hard for him to always be honest with me about how he feels because he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. Which is really sweet and I love him for it but I just need to figure out how to deal with not taking things personally. Its usually a general statement intended for the both of us but I take it personally. I’m working on it. It’s a process.
You know how sometimes you just have a feeling that the next day is going to be crazy? Yeah I had that feeling Thursday night so I said to myself (whether it was out loud or in my head I couldn’t tell you, sometimes I get them mixed up) “Just plan to stay at work all day.” I packed myself some lunch and a few snacks and once I got to work my intuition proved correct.
1. We had two Living Social baths coming in—super large dogs but very sweet.
2. We had a mass removal surgery that we knew was going to be difficult.
3. Unexpected owner dropped off a patient for a dental cleaning—set back schedule an hour to two. *But her owner totally brought us a whole black tie cheesecake…YUM!*
4. Call from an owner en route to our clinic with a very sick dog—my doc wouldn’t be in for another 45 minutes. Luckily I’m trained to handle emergency situations. *side note: my lil patient didn’t make it, we sent him to the specialist for emergency surgery (probably large cancerous growth on his liver) but by the time he was prepped he was in DIC and they decided to let him go peacefully*
5. I still have to clean the clinic and open for the day. GAH!
6. Oh and did I mention that I’ve been trying to renew my vehicle registration for like a few weeks?? There was registration holds on it due to unpaid tolls (because THEY didn’t allow for cash payment, WTF?! E pass only, isn’t that illegal to not accept my money?)
So I was still waiting for the now paid tolls to clear my registration. Oh yeah and I had gotten a ticket at the end of July due to my un-renewed registration. Which of course the deadline was this day we speak of. I figure no big deal, just do it online in between procedures.
This day was crazy but went well, our team works SUPER well together, we rock, we are THE BEST. And we have NO DRAMA at work, its amazing. Plus its only me and three other people. Two techs, a manager/tech,  and a doctor (vet). I actually got to leave at like 4pm after finding out I could get an extension on the citation so FL doesn’t suspend my license. But I had to drive to the Clerk of the Court to sign a form. So had to drive from work, to home (drop off my dogs), to clerk of court. Whew! Made it, got the extension.
Get home and relax, watch some 30 rock, eat a little bit. Get a phone call from someone I helped adopt a dog from SPCA. (If you didn’t know I care very much about animals, finding them homes, preventing cruelty, and reforming our nations animal shelters) This person is very close to me, family even. The new dog who is a 6-8 month old pup is destroying the house. I recommended getting a crate but they didn’t feel that it would be right to crate the pup and not the other two adult dogs. I’ve grown tired of debating the crate issue so I drop it after that. Apparently said pup chewed up a bunch more stuff, furniture, shoes, etc. And now its apparently my problem as I’m told to “Find him a home by Sunday or he’s getting thrown out.”
First of all, I didn’t tell you to adopt the dog. I was looking for a certain dog for rescue purposes and you insisted on coming down even when I told you that dog wasn’t at the facility. By the end of that day I had been at the two shelters (Animal Services—kill shelter, SPCA—no kill shelter) for about 3 hours in total, my heart was beyond breaking. You wanted to go over to the SPCA and look at dogs. Whatevs.
I really felt like they were saying this is your fault come fix this. #WTFseriously?
Anyway, I was pretty much speechless and could only respond “ok” to which they replied “bye” and hung up. I’ve talked to them a few times since and we haven’t talked about the dog. This just kills me because this is what I’m working against—homeless animals. So I still don’t know what's going to happen on that end but don’t worry, I’ll make sure the pup is taken care of. Its what I do.
Saturday comes, slow day at work. Go home, feeling super bummed out about my patient, I am however looking forward to the events of Saturday night! Bday party for my buddy/boss/vet woo! I guess David and I were getting into above mentioned arguments, which wasn’t much of an argument really. So I’m just depressed and feeling down. When David left for work he was really nice and positive so I thought we were good.
Bday party: Some slightly drama there but most of us ladies were kinda tipsy which leads to stupid girlie shenanigans—but not on my end I behaved myself! Fun times though :) Texted David on my way home and totally get rejected, says he's tired. That’s cool, totally understand. When I get home he says he's grumpy from work AND our argument. At this point I kinda just deflate. *side note: As I said the bday drama was just silly drunkenness so that is one less thing for me to worry about*
Internally: Fine. Whatever. Lets not mess up this buzz. *Play on social networks for a while and go to bed*
This morning: Still getting weird vibes from both people :(
I’m still kinda bummed but I don’t want it to ruin my day. Gonna get some starbucks chai tea latte and work on some jewelry to be listed on etsy. Need to do yoga for sure! Need to do a load of laundry and read some.
This is what sucks about a chemical imbalance or “bi polar” *side note: the person with the pup has this also which is why isn’t even more difficult to deal with it* sometimes you can just pull yourself up and other times you just sink. But this is a post for another day.
Today I’m feeling stronger and I’m going to get up and do some things I NEED to do and some things I WANT to do. I have to go back to the kennel to let dogs out later but I don’t mind.
I was hoping this post would help make me feel better and so far its not…well I just went back and read what I wrote. I feel a little better cuz I got it all out but obviously I’m still upset about stuff because most of it isn’t resolved.  Anyway that’s what up with me right now—totally laaaaame!
And I have August Break photos to post later on. May just wait til the end of the month though.


  1. wow! that is one job where you are on both ends of the spectrum: totally happy when an animal gets adopted, totally bummed when one passes. and something weird happened with mine and my husband's car registration. we got the notice to renew like only 2 weeks before it was due this year. not cool! idk if it was a glitch or what but usually they allow 6 weeks or so to pay.

  2. Gaaahhh! I am having a 'splodalicious day today, but no where near as 'splodie-odie as yours. XOXO. I'm sorry that you probably have to ROUTINELY deal with buttheads who don't get animals and expect so much without realizing their responsibility in order to get it. Sending you lots of love and good vibes! I hope things pick up for you and I feel you on the communication issue. Good luck ♥

  3. (((HUGS))

    Reading about your argument with your boyfriend, reminds me of my own relationship issues. We seem to have a lot in common in that area.

    I'm sorry people aren't treating you right, totally not cool for that to happen to someone so rad!

    I hope you're feeling better, I'm enjoying getting to know you better through your blog =]



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