Thursday, September 1, 2011

Patio Gardening!

So here is my little plants today—the photo I posted in the previous post was from uhh..I can’t remember but a few weeks ago.
DSCF2278   DSCF2279
My aloe plants had babies!!! LOOK ^ Its so cool, they just replicate themselves and spit out a tiny baby aloe plant that begins to root right next to its momma. I may have to move them to their own pots so they don’t get root bound with the big plants.
And these are our vegetable plants—that are sorta dying. But its partly the FL heat, partly I forget to water them (hey, they belong to David too—the bf <3), and they needed to be repotted like 8 years ago…ok two weeks ago.
10th thing about me!!!
*I really dislike slow drivers…I guess I have road rage, sorry.
Ok, see ya next time <3
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