Saturday, September 3, 2011

August Break—Final Photos and Wrap up

Whew, so this was harder than I thought. I really only had to try a few times to take at least a photo a day this month, the majority of them I just happened to take because I try to photograph my life/surroundings as much as possible. Last time I posted up thru Aug 20th, so I’m going to do a little recap and throw in the last ones also :) This was really fun!!
Descriptions of photos are on the original post (excluding the final photos, they are below)
august break 2011
IMG_0353 IMG_0356 IMG_0359 DSCF2387 IMG_0370 DSCF2391  DSCF2404 IMG_0373 IMG_0374 IMG_0375  IMG_0380IMG_0383augustbreak_turquoise_500px  IMG_0386 IMG_0387 IMG_0388IMG_0390augustbreak_turquoise_500px  IMG_0405 IMG_0410 DSCF2413resize augustbreak_turquoise_500pxIMG_0417resize pup. IMG_0423resize IMG_0425resize IMG_0430resize IMG_0435resized DSCF2423resized IMG_0444resized augustbreak_turquoise_500px
Descriptions of August 21-31
21: That would be Wynnie (black and tan), River (red and tan), and EV (black and white cat)—they are just chilling on the floor together
22: Missed, what a bum!!
23: Delicious dinner my love made for me, Go David! <3
24: Super cute puppy at work
25: New jewelry made by little ‘ol me :) Will be listed eventually on etsy…heh
26: Photo of super HUGE pit dog with owner so you can see how big he is.
27: Pretty sunset behind me on my way home from work
28: That is our basil plant but there is a cool green colored bee type insect creature on it, out of focus…
29: Kittens at work, these little guys are up for adoption if anyone is interested. Please email me! We are in Orlando, FL area.
30: Cute ancient dog boarding at our clinic indefinitely while owner is in hospital/nursing care.
31: Missed, loser face. :)
Welp, I hope you enjoyed my photos.  I enjoyed sharing them. I’m working on figuring out a blog schedule. I have one thing I’m going to start: 52 Photos—its basically a restart on Project 52. This will start tomorrow (or tonight if I post it, not likely). Once a week I will share a photo, every week, for 52 weeks, so yeah a year. It will be on my flickr as well. Links will be provided.
Other ideas:
~Behind the Scenes of a Vet Clinic: does this sound interesting to you? I work as a full time vet tech and I can offer glimpses into my life/job and also many of you I assume are pet owners—some people don’t know what goes on in the back! This would be likely once a week. I can share my experiences, photos, and weekly health topics/advice. <3
~That’s all I have now…wait…something about yoga. Yeah. I love yoga, so I might try to do a weekly video review or something. I know a few free websites!
Let me know what you think. AND did you see that I’m sponsoring over at Bubby and Bean? Melissa made me a little button since I didn’t have one, check me out on the right side bar. Yay :)
Tomorrow: 52 Photos begins, would you guys like to play along now and then? I can add a linky widget, let me know :)


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