Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time to catch up and GIVEAWAY UPDATE

This was a photo of our patio garden after we re-potted for the first time. Tomorrow’s post will show you how it looks. These plants won’t need to be repotted yet but our vegetable plants will be repotted. Those aren’t shown here as they were still seeds. They won’t look very good tomorrow as the FL heat is really brutal. However it rained the last two days so I’m hoping they will do better. My neighbors garden is better…
Anyway, I owe  you all some things and giveaway details (giveaway details at end of post in case you don’t care about 26 things….)

(remember the 26th things  ^ about me before my 26th bday)
22. I love the beach. Love the sea, the breeze, the sand—when its not in my bathing suit, the waves, AND fried chicken with beer and fresh fruit. The best beach food! Don’t forget water too, you don’t want to get too dehydrated. We always stop at Dairy Queen and get mini blizzards on the way home. YUM!
21. I have two younger brothers. I dunno I just threw that out there.
20. My boyfriend is going to culinary school—yay! He’s an excellent cook as it is so once he’s done with school he’ll get a great job where they won’t take advantage of him.
19. I may decide after all to finish up my bachelors in biology and eventually apply to vet school. That’s all I’m saying on the matter ;)
18. I talk to my pets. Out loud. A LOT.
17. I don’t usually mind webspeak. But I HATE lol. (lol) no really, hehe is how I roll.
16. Overly religious people make me uncomfortable. Sorry.
15. I believe we are all innocent until proven guilty BY FAIR TRAIL.
14. One day I would like to adopt a horse. Hehe. Horsey!
13. I can be super picky about foods…and random other things.
12. Sometimes I HATE my apartment, but I’m learning to make peace with it.
11. I recently started trying to restructure/schedule my life more. I don’t plan to always adhere strictly but its nice to have a guideline.

And….that’s all the things for now :) trying to get back to once a day until the birthday!
Giveaway details:
1. Will open July 1st and end midnight July 6th (my birthday) eastern time.
2. Winner chosen via random. org
3. Gift item to be announced but I’m making it so you know its super cool. Think purse type items.
4. MUST be a follower to enter giveaway—all you need to do is be a follower and leave a comment on the giveaway post. There will be other ways to get extra entries (I know this may be annoying but I’m trying to get my blog out there a tiny bit more—plz love ya) like twitter, facebook, etc.

OK—that’s its for now. Thanks for watching. haha. I know this was a long post but I think its worth it.


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