Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OCAS I was so proud of you…

So I know you can’t have it all, all the time. But I was freaking proud of my county animal shelter last week. Since they are doing the ASPCA challenge (bah on the ASPCA too btw-that’s entirely another story as is HSUS and PETA) they are doing all kinds of awesome things to get pets adopted (yay!).  They have been doing an adoption event at a credit union near my clinic—started Sept 9 and is every friday in Sept. Awesome mobile adoption bus complete with AC and kennel. Really neat (photos to come) And I thought “awesome, my county shelter isn’t like all the others I am hearing about.” And I’m not completely wrong, our county shelter does work hard but this week I have just had it. Here are a few problems with this county shelter:
1. Some pets weren’t sent to their new homes with any paperwork (all my one client had from OCAS was the shelter cage card which only displays basic info: name/number, breed, age, color, gender, etc.) THE COUNTY—the people who enforce the animal laws. Like requiring them to have a rabies tag on at all times and to be vaccinated. These poor people didn’t have anything! AKA their dog could have been impounded (temporarily) due to no proof of rabies or receive a citation. (sept 9)
2. To make matters worse this was all on a friday. Saturday apparently the shelter DOESN’T ANSWER THE PHONE! You can call the county and they can TRY to transfer it over but it just rings to administrations voicemail (damnit I should have left a fucking message!!). I was un able to obtain any records for these poor new owners. They ended up driving down to the shelter, and I hope they were successful. I was BEYOND PISSED that they were open but wouldn’t answer the phone. (sept 17)
3. Adoption hours SUCK! They fucking suck. My dad and I were looking at dogs a few months ago and they flat out refused to show us any pets once it hit 15 minutes til closing time. Mind you this is a saturday afternoon and they were closing at 3pm. So no more visits after 2:45pm. Also they aren’t opened sundays. When the fuck do you think people want to adopt pets? ON THE WEEKENDS!!! (and we were looking at those who were up for review—review dates at shelters mean they are re-evaluated for adoptability, AKA euthanized if they aren’t kept longer)
To make matters worse for me this specific day I was visiting the shelter with my dad. I TOLD the staff that I was looking for a dog whose time was up. They had the audacity to tell me not to concern myself with that and to take into consideration their personalities and not their time limit. I looked that bastard dead in the eyes and said “Can you not seem how much personality there is here? I’m here to save a life. I can’t go on personality there is so much, tell me who needs to get out of here today.” Still not very helpful. When I brought up the no kill movement I always get the same bullshit. Blah blah blah owners responsibility, blah blah blah, pet overpopulation, blah blah blah living in cages isn’t a life. NEITHER IS FUCKING BEING DEAD.
*Seriously what kind of logic is this? Does that mean the homeless people and orphan children should be euthanized as well?
4. I’m not sure exactly what animal control is supposed to do other than CONTROL ANIMALS. I’ve heard numerous people complain that animal control doesn’t’ come pick up the stray animals or the wildlife that is harassing them (honestly it’s probably our fault for building in their habitat). If there are raccoons like terrorizing you and your pets you are SUPPOSED to be able to call animal control and have them do something. Apparently they like to try to make it seem like that’s not their job and they want you to call wildlife trappers—which you have to pay. WTF am I paying taxes for which pays county employees?!?!?!
NOTE: However I have recently learned, if your county animal control refuses to do the services they are paid to do by our taxes…just call the mayors office. That really lights a fire.
5. A client adopted a kitten over the weekend from the county. And she said if she had no fallen in love with her little boy Bingo that she would have told the staff (and one woman in particular) to take this cat and shove it. She said they were so rude and basically told her once the kitty is off property it is no longer their problem regardless if it gets sick. NICE. assholes. They ALSO told her if she didn’t adopt him that he would be euthanized. WTF?!
6. This is not the first time I have completely had it with them. Complaints pretty much go nowhere. My clinic has called animal control for a cruelty/neglect case and they did NOTHING.  I’m so tired of this crap. I stood up for them last week and the next day this shit is thrown in my face.
I mean honestly they aren’t nearly as bad as Memphis Animal Shelter but damn learn a little customer service and compassion.
**Note: Now the workers at the adoption event were very friendly albeit uneducated. They did their best.
Oh and PS- using the whole “these animals are going to be euthanized if you don’t’ adopt them” is bullshit, because it doesn’t even have to happen. Tompkins County SPCA went no kill OVERNIGHT. IT IS POSSIBLE.
*calms down* Ok well let me show you some photos of that day because despite these recent annoyances they do seem to try to find homes for their shelter pets.
Top photos: Inside the mobile adoption bus (its pretty cool)
Bottom photos: Left-from the road, right-outside of bus
These photos are of my clinic’s booth. We were giving out free stuff to adopters and answering any questions people may have had.
Top: left-cleaning up, center-our booth, right-close up
bottom: my chair and my dog River
It was a fun event, I just wish OCAS would get their shit together. We’ll see how they do in two weeks (they are going to be there this friday and next also) at Downtown Orlando’s Lake Eola Barktoberfest. I will be there for my clinic with a booth as will other vendors. It is a german themed event with beer and food. Should be super fun. If you are in the area come visit River and I!!


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