Sunday, October 9, 2011

Where did I go??

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Holy monkeys! I did not realize I had been absent for so long. My apologizes to anyone who has been following me closely.
To be honest I feel like I’m spinning slowly out of control. I’m exhausted all the time despite sleeping, depression is peeking its stupid face out (I wanna kill it), work at times is very physically, mentally, and emotionally draining, my apartment is a complete disgusting mess and I hate it (that makes it worse since when my place is messy I have a hard time being creative and rather than do anything about it I just sit there annoyed and watch tv), I’ve gained weight and feel gross (I know its not bad, I’m not even chubby but I feel unhealthy and its aggravates me), I can’t seem to get anywhere on time or get anything done. I’m behind on some things at work, behind on stuff for my etsy shop, just behind on everything. OH and I keep forgetting to take my meds which can be kinda bad if you want to keep your brain chemicals balanced.

So basically regular life stuff but I’m letting it get it me. I need to grab my life by the tail (horns? face?) and make it the way I want. Which likely means forcing myself to do things I really want to do but don’t feel like making the effort because I’m all lame and being depressed. I need to force myself to do yoga more often (it makes me feel SO GOOD), exercise, devote time to social networking and also for myself (reading, dog park, whatever). I guess what I need to do is make a schedule and actually stick to it. Its like my buddy Abby’s lifehacking ( ) series of posts where she gives tips or shares how she has done things in her life to change for the better. (or to achieve what you want)

So this starts today. Albeit its 2pm EST. I’m not going to starve myself or workout incessantly, I’m just going to try to change up some things for the better. Eat a little better, get myself into a healthy routine, add more yoga and exercise to make myself feel better and to make my life what I want. I’ll keep you posted on my progress as well as share any of Abby’s ideas that helps me.
This post turned out much longer than I intended. I was going to share a few other things so I’ll just share the two instead of three and leave the third as a post.
1. I am currently writing a series of posts for the AMAZING site: All I did was reach out to @JenFriel on twitter and tell her my idea/what I’d like to write about and she LOVED it! Basically its my life experiences but heavy on my stories from work or in the veterinary field. She expertly dubbed it “Secret Life of a Veterinary Technician” <3 Here’s my latest post:

You can click on the tag with my name below the post to get to more. I will likely share some over here also. You can find me on TNTML on Saturdays as soon as Jen has edited my post.
2. I have also written for @Meowmistidawn and I are twitter buddies via TNTML and she asked me to write up a crafty post for her new site. AWESOME! See that post here:
Contact Info
This website is for gamer girls and guys alike. It’s also for anyone nerdy, crafty, techy, or really whoever! Check it out!

That’s it for now!! Peace. Love. Pawprints. Oh and #nerdsnite


  1. Hope things start to look up for you dear!
    Sending positive thoughts your way =]

  2. I'm sorry things are sucking for you. I totally understand the 'the house is gross and I feel gross and now I can't do anything' feeling. Exercise really does make you feel better, but it's SO hard to be motivated when you feel crappy! Vicious circle! xo

  3. Depression sucks!! Depression is what put me in my blogging hiatus last month. ((internet hug)) hope things look up soon! I'll be thinking about you.


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