Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just one of those…

 days weeks months? Meh. I keep thinking I shouldn’t post when I have nothing to say or when I’m upset or just not in a great mood. But then I think you know maybe I should just post to try to figure out how I feel. I usually just know I’m down. Don’t know why. Or anymore than that, just down. It’s stupid. And it kinda pisses me off. But its so hard to get out of. And its so hard to get anything out of my head. Its like everything I think and feel and really what to say is stuck in my head. Sooo annoying.
I understand that sometimes I’m going to have these days periods of time that I’m not going to feel exactly where I want to. Part of it is I’m mad at myself for not getting my life together like I keep planning and saying that I’m going to do. Not that my life is spiraling out of control…I just need to get more of a routine. I don’t exercise. At all. I need to!!!! I just want to start by walking to dogs 2-3 times per day. Ok. Make that a goal. I mean it. Write it down:
1. Walk dogs 2-3 times per day (to start exercising).
a.One walk must be at least 10 minutes long.
b. Use gentle leader on wynnie when walking.
Ok. This shouldn’t be too hard because I have to take them out on leash 3 or 4 times a day anyway to go potty. Just make it longer. And since its cooler outside it should be enjoyable. As long as Wynnie doesn’t act like a moron…which is likely. Solution: use gentle leader on wynnie even though she hates it.
I have been watching what I eat/drink. So that’s good. I just need to step up the movement!!!
Yoga. I used to do it a lot. I need to once again. At least 3 times a week. This shouldn’t be too hard, I have at least two days off a week. So longer yoga can be done then and the third day can be a quick yoga. Got it.
2. Yoga at least 3 times per week.
a. One day (work day) can be a 20 minute course. Other two should be 30-60 minutes.
Let’s see what else. This sort of thing makes me feel better, planning and makes lists. But only if I actually follow through. Which I. WILL. DO.
3. Schedule things. Meaning to say I don’t have to be strict but use my fucking day planner more.
It will help stay on track. Set a timer. Like I have now. I set it for an hour. Work on computer stuff and after that I’m taking the dogs to the park for some much needed running. I just walk around and follow them.
4. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and sleep long enough (exceptions for certain circumstances) to feel rested not exhausted.
There are times when I always feel tired, that may be the depression/chemical imbalance. At least seven hours of sleep. I tend to wake up every hour to every few hours briefly so I need to be in bed long enough to hit enough REM.
5. Take my medication regularly. I forget sometimes and that just fucks me up.
Ok I think that’s enough. I started off just feeling shitty and wanting to write something not even necessarily to anyone but for myself. It really made me feel better to just sit down and type out what was bothering me. There will be more but I know you should only tackle a few things at a time.
Woo :) Check me out over at I write a series for Jen Friel (@jenfriel) on the weekend entitled the Secret Life of a Veterinary Technician. Here’s a link the the latest post:
Peace. Love. Pawprints!
<3 Lindsay
PS- Sneak peak: I have a foster kitten! (TNTML post is about that)


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  2. I JUST started doing Yoga again since I broke my leg three months ago. I do an hour a day, along with running on the elliptical & I feel amazing. Now that I think about it, I'm sure that's why my before mentioned (on FB) mild SAD symptoms have stayed mild. It is amazing what movement can do, especially Yoga. It really centers me & lets me quiet my mind.

    Hope you start feeling better =]

  3. Ah...taking meds...I'm so crappy at it. You would think fear of being so depressed that I don't care about ANYTHING again would make me keep talking my meds. But it doesn't . And wellbutrin does make me feel more chipper. Maybe I'm just lazy?


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