Friday, November 4, 2011

Gimp plus my memories software equals...

New blog header!! Once i posted it i realized blogger had changed their header width allowance...ughhh so not doing that all over again so soon! Check it out :)

Layout to be tweaked and if u need compter repair in cental fl area please let me know! My buddy Robert Rang is CompTIA A+ certified and is super afforable and rocks!!!

My memories software giveaway anyone?

Ps-blogging from work (shhh) on my iphone using blogger app! Heres some pics... Me at work on halloween and kitten!!


  1. Love the new header, very cute!

  2. Love the new header, and your kitten is pretty adorable as well. <3

    xo, Samantha

  3. I love GIMP! I recently put up a new header and it was blurry for a few days and then suddenly cleared up yesterday!

  4. Lovely header and oh my great god what a kitten! I could just suffocate in that belly!!! SO CUTE!!!


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