Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh crap, Christmas is coming…

Don’t forget the Giveaway hosted by Sew Mama Sew

Anyway, I’m just sort relaxing today. I still need to go to walmart and get my secret santa gift for our work christmas party saturday (WOOO!). Quiet day around the apartment (I’m off today) just received another klout perk, so so so awesome! Once I get the last few that are supposed to arrive I’m going to do a blog post about because its awesome and you don’t really have to do much.
I’m doing better about the kitten being gone, it usually just takes a few days of getting used to him not popping up when he usually does. I miss him but he’s soo happy and so is his new daddy. He sends me pics every few days :) So yes, little Wesley (referred to as kitten or Boo previously) is doing very well and I am SO pleased :)
So what are you guys doing for christmas? I have to do the whole four christmases bullshit since my parents and davids parents are both divorced, his are remarried. So christmas eve night we see his mom. Then christmas morning we go to my mom’s, gonna try to sneak in a visit to dad after that (it’s a surprise) cause he always seems to get left out, then off to david’s dads house for the evening. Busy busy busy.
(and LAME I don’t think my dogs are invited anywhere except my Dad’s…UGH)
I’ll still haven’t quite figured out what to do for david for christmas. I love handmade stuff and I hate buying things because its just like he bought it for himself. I’m trying to get him to buy me a spirit hood (click) as they are sooo cute. It’s like a hoodie thing, halloween costume, and just super cute faux fur accessory that ALSO donates to wildlife charities AND ITS NOT REAL FUR (so awesome). He’s probably going to buy me some jewelry, maybe the next part of the lab created ruby he got me for christmas last year and our annviersary/my bday. Its super sweet and beautiful but I’m not a fancy girl so I hardly ever wear it. Either way it’s the thought that counts (although a diamond-hehe-whatever size would be appreciated also*coffengagementringcoff*)
Ha! We’ll see…
           Red Wolf------------------Gray Wolf------------Black Wolf (Navajo print)
So of course I want a wolf one (um if you didn’t know I love wolves now you do!) and definitely a problue one (that’s the ones that donate to wildlife refuges) and awesomely enough all the wolves are problue! Which do you think?? If you are wondering what the black wolf ears have on it, that’s the Navajo print, not sure why and that’s the ONLY think I don’t care for, the other two have regular lining.
Well I just felt like writing so yeah I exercised today (YES FINALLY!) and now I need a shower, then some food. Then clean things around my house. See you later <3


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