Thursday, December 15, 2011

Talk about mood swings…



So here I was all fine and satisfied with today. BF comes home and tells me 1. our AC isn’t blowing very cold (OH FUCK!) and 2. his paycheck didn’t come today (my words: because as usual his boss is to busy with everything else besides paying his hard working employees) so the check will come monday if we are lucky and at that point his next check is “due” thursday. WTF.

So I went from “ok” with today to pissed off and then depressed. WTH.

So now I’m writing this out because I’m irritated with the way I feel and reacted. My BF is worried because I started crying a little. I’m stressed about everything (when I have time to realize that is) and of course its my day off so I can sit here and think about stuff. We’ve had an awful two weeks at work, we must have lost 6-8 patients already. I’m bummed about my body, I’m working on it. Exercising and eating better.

I think just everything gets to me. UGH. Now I have to go to walmart (I HATE walmart) to get my secret santa gift for work and then shower since I exercised, ate lunch, then BF came home from work for a break and I got into a tizzy.


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  1. Gah, that's awful!! You need a good strong drink (I prefer two teabags ;) and a massage. Hope the crappiness of everything passes soon.


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