Thursday, December 22, 2011

The story {TNTML}

So I posted that my bf was fired. Here’s the story. Blog game tomorrow—fun times :)
*graphic language :) *
Hey nerds, life has been a little crazy lately. Last weekend my foster kitten went off to his new home. He has been named Wesley, sooo cute! His owner sends me pictures every few days, I love it! Work has been a little depressing, we've had several rough cases that ended up being terminal. The biggest issues we are having is at home. The BF and I are good but its his job. A lot of times its difficult to get paid where he works. He's a server at a local italian restaurant. The reason its difficult to get paid is because either the boss doesn't turn in the hours to the payroll company on time (or at all--oh and btw they are supposed to get paid weekly) or if any employees make over 40 hours per week the boss doesn't report that to payroll and they have to hunt him down for cash--which also isn't overtime pay. Which IS ILLEGAL!!
Anyway so we have that bullshit to deal with but thursday night while my boyfriend was at work someone either took or the moron misplaced his and his wife's phones (talking about the boss). My BF ALWAYS gets blamed for stealing which he NEVER EVER does, he's actually the most reliable employee and even though he's a sever he works in the kitchen, answers phones, buses tables, and delivery ALL WHILE SERVING TABLES. So the boss tells my BF that he's not allowed to leave until the phones are found. The guy is a huge asshole and has a really bad temper. My BF admits that he may have grumbled to the other servers or someone else on the staff that he's tired of being blamed for stealing, tired of being screamed at all the time, and maybe he should just quit. So at the end of the night the boss calls everyone together for a meeting and basically tells them all he's tired of their bullshit and wants to start over with new staff. Of course he's not going to do this because that would be stupid at this time of year. 
At this point he dismisses everyone to cash out but calls my BF over and confronts him about what he said. My bf admits that he did say that but he was just frustrated and upset and he couldn't even remember who he said it to. The boss tells him he's being disrespectful and basically tells him to cash his money in and get out. My BF is in shock. He wasn't even sure that he was fired until the boss told another staff member to make sure his shifts are covered. 
So yeah my boyfriend was fired a week before christmas for no real reason. And now we are down half our monthly income. We really don't know how we are going to pay our bills. All I have to say is that if you live in Florida, don’t visit the Giovanni chain of resturants. Good food, but they are jerks. Thanks :)
Update: He went back in and had to apologize but he has the job back. He’s gonna stick with it until he finds something better. Or so I’ve been told.

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  1. Yikes! What an awful experience! I hope he finds a better job soon, no one needs crap like that.


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