Sunday, January 1, 2012

Life Update aka Sorry I’m a little behind, let me catch you up in the next few posts…

(note: this was written for Dec 24, 2011-Ive edited it some (as much as I could while being a sicky sick face) so that it doesn’t appear that I’m talking about “tomorrow” as christmas)
Remember last week when I told you guys my boyfriend was fired?? Well all weekend he was told by several staff members that he could get his job back if he wanted. So my BF decided to take the weekend off and went in to talk to the boss on monday. He basically had to apologize and explain himself (which annoys me). He was able to pick up shifts thursday morning and then all day friday and saturday. He went in for his shift thursday morning and got home around 5:30-6pm. He was supposed to have the night off but at 7:30pm the boss has one of the servers call my BF and basically beg him to come in--only for an hour....He got home at 10:30pm. Whatever. At least he has a job again. It will make christmas more enjoyable if we don't have to worry about having enough gas to visit family.  His boss needs to get the fuck over himself. (I guess the boss also kind of facebook stalks his employees and was asking my BF if he ever posts stuff. He told the boss that I'm the one he needs to be worried about since I blog and stuff...haha!)

One issue I'm having this week is my oldest cat is sick. She's been losing weight slowly and has lost muscle mass (muscle wasting). We did blood work and I was hoping for hyperthyroidism or kidney failure but her blood work was mostly normal. She had an elevated white blood cell count and tested positive for FIV but we believe that to be a false positive as she had the vaccine when she was younger. So normal blood work in this case is bad news as we do not have a reason for her physical appearance. Weight loss, muscle wasting, decent appetite, unremarkable blood work all can equal cancer. My vets (who are also my good friends and one is my boss) have recommended that we do an abdominal ultrasound and chest xrays. Basically to check for cancer. They keep telling me  not to worry until we have more answers but its so hard. Since the ultrasound needs to be performed by a specialist (we have a mobile one) that is an expense that would need to be paid for at time of service. My manager and boss are letting me make payments on my cats vet bill but we have to write the specialist a check. My dad was going to pay for my cancellation of wireless plan to switch to sprint and get the new iphone so I asked him if he would instead pay for my kitty's ultrasound. He said no problem and apparently was telling all his employees that I'm awesome since he doesn't know many people that would give up stuff like that for anyone let alone a pet. That made me feel good but I'm still a little bummed out.

My mom was sorta trying to talk me out of the ultrasound (she also doesn't know my dad is going to pay for it, they have been divorced a long time and mom is remarried) since if it is cancer I likely will not treat it (depending on outcome, cost, etc). I feel like I need to know and that I owe it to my kitty. Even if she doesn't have cancer (which seems very likely that she does) we still don't have a reason for her wasting away. I went to the pet store and bought her a nice cushy bed, some expensive high quality cat food (which actually since its available in 13 oz cans is only like 30 cents more compared to purchasing two 6 oz cans of the cheap/crappy stuff), and cat nip. She is sufficiently cracked out somewhere in my apartment and seems to like her bed.
Our christmas consisted of “four christmases” we have to visit my mom and stepdad, my dad, davids mom and stepdad, and davids dad and stepmom. Whew. Crazy, tiring but we were spoiled as usual this year. We are lucky.
Well you nerds better have a nice weekend! OHH! I almost forgot--I'm entering a contest to try to win a spirithood (I HOPE I HOPE) and if you follow me on twitter (@thecraftafarian) you'll see me post my contest entry (have to take a posed photo). <----This made be over for entries but voting will be soon I think!
So I’ll post the next part of the story later on today. I also have a surprise, more exciting for me, but it’s a surprise for you all nonetheless. If I get around to it. Yay!
Happy New Year :)

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  1. Oh your poor kitty! I really hope it will be ok. xo


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