Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pardon the dust…

haha so cliché.
Oh look ^ windows live writer adds accent marks for me. Sweeet. Anyway, I’m editing the blog/site a bit today. You may notice that I switched to two columns instead of three. I’m trying to keep it simple yet colorful so let me know if you find this more or less difficult to read. I’m prolly gonna throw up a quick (yeah right) new banner today. The one I made was before I realized blogger updated their size settings.
I’m not quite ready to pay for a blog design yet but I know who I’m going to use for my first paid blog/site design….Alycia from The Curious Pug: BlogMint—she doesn’t have a lot of info up yet but if you email her she’ll get back to you pretty quick. I think right now she’s only doing blogger designs.
But yeah, later on I’ll (hopefully) post my TNTML more recent post (hey if you aren’t reading over there you totally should) or some other post I’ve been working on.
I’ve been off the computer lately since work has been so draining. We’ve had a lot of euthanasia's lately and every single one just makes me think about my sick kitty (who is doing pretty good right now—speaking of which, I need to pick up her injections when I go into work tonight).IMG_0382
Blahhhhh :) I dunno, I feel weird right now and want to get some things done before my energy is gone. Stupid depression, I KICK YOU IN THE FACE!
peace love pawprints


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