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TNTML post from 1-8-12

edit: “party” that is described in this story occurred on 1-6-12
I don't normally drink much. It doesn't really agree with me, I do enjoy a drink with dinner but recreationally drinking doesn't happen that often for me. If I want to catch a buzz I prefer the herbal variety. Less side effects to deal with and its natural, plus I don't have to pay stupid government taxes on it. Anyway, the boyfriend got off work last night, came home with our friend/his coworker, and asked us if we wanted to go to his brother's house where they were drinking and hanging out.  There was two of their cousins there as well as a few friends. At first I didn't want to go because I was tired from work and had to work again the next morning but a thought about it and decided, what the hell, why not? Before we even left our apartment the night began to get hilarious. 
Our downstairs neighbors were having a little party. They often have people over on the weekends but they never get loud enough to be a bother. I had to take our dogs out before we left and as I was walking them across the parking lot into the pet area when two of their guests came outside. (It was two guys who probably came outside to smoke but I don't recall if they did.) They were just hanging out on the patio and one of them (I didn't see which) yelled "WOMAN!" I didn't quite turn around but just sorta laughed to myself. When the dogs where finished  we walked to the stairs and the two men said "good evening." What a start, that was a very odd thing to have shouted at least I think it was directed at me. 
So my boyfriend, myself, and our friend headed over to the brother's house. When we got there I was supposed to meet a cousin that was in town. She came out to meet me and was completely shit faced plastered. OMG. Haha. It was awesome! I get super nervous meeting new people, especially family type people. So this was AMAZING for me. Maybe its weird or bad but I felt very comfortable right away and I didn't have any alcohol in me. It was like well she's drunk so I have no real reason to be nervous, especially because well everyone was drunk.  I ended up drinking with a fireman, fireman in training, personal trainer, dental student, the new cousin I met, and siginificant others of the boys (and of course my boyfriend). 
The fireman was the brother's roommate and was hitting on the cousin all night. We really couldn't tell if thats what she wanted or if she was just totally drunk so we just sorta kept an eye on her. When he wasn't hitting on her he was being generally very loud and goofy. He would just start yelling and high fiving. The funny part was as the brother told us, he's like that sober. The dude was a little odd at times though, he would go from kinda drunken happy to super depressed. He would start talking about friends that have died just kinda randomly and get super sad. I guess the brother was used to it as he would easily change the subject and tease the guy back into a good mood. This guy poured me a tequila shot the moment he met me. I hate tequila but he had some high quality stuff (this was before my 5 beers...too many..)
He also had this breathalyzer to test your blood alcohol level, it wasn't court mandated, I guess he just got it for fun or whatever. It plugs into your cigarette lighter in the car. I blew a 0.10! Legally drunk is 0.08--oh and I wasn't driving so no worries :)
Eventually we made it home so I could sleep for 4 hours and wake up when I was supposed to be leaving for work. Definitely have a hangover. Not too bad, not puking, just slight headache, but overall just feeling crappy. Got to work only 10 minutes late and suffered through the four hour shift (so short compared to my week day shifts of 10-12 hours). While I was at work I texted my boyfriend a few times:

He actually called me at work because he saw the "I hate u" text to see if I was ok. HUGE AWWWWW! *heart skips a beat* He knew I wasn't feeling well this morning and I went out with him to spend time with family. Big points boyfriend, big points. I sent him that last text on my way home from work. 
So yeah--a good night, totally glad I went out. 
Oh and here's another funny. This was completely unintentional. This is just the cuteness/weirdness that happens to people who have been friends for many many years around the holidays. Love in forms of weird unintentional emoticons. This convo is between me and my good friend @therabidsmiley:

Yes we are all kinds of ridiculousness. 
Happy Weekend! <3 Lindsay
PS-Oh yeah did I mention that I purchased my domain name? (Thats probably all I've been talking about on twitter...)


<3 Lindsay
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