Saturday, May 19, 2012

Got klout?

Do you know about If you do and you are signed up, awesome!! (We should add each other as influencers) If you don’t, pay attention!! This site is fantastic and you don’t have to do anything more than you already do! (Unless you want to)
Klout measures your influence online based off of data from your social networks. This image is captured from and it explains what klout does. about_klout
All you have to do is sign up for klout by using twitter or facebook. You do provide some login information for some of your social media accounts but its totally safe! You don’t really have to do much except sign up, it doesn’t require you to sign into klout unless you want to check for perks (cool little gifts and credits).
There are a lot of people who hate but I’m not totally sure why. It’s probably because they don’t like the hype is has accumulated? Who cares. Anyway I have received several cool little items, some worth money, some not so much. But it’s a lot of fun to sign on and find out they are sending you something in the mail. I’ve received wine, business cards, dog food coupons, books, DVDs, and more. Sometimes its just credit to an online store. It’s fun and I enjoy it.
I’m creating a series of klout posts to review the various perks I’ve received. You earn perks based on your level of “influence” on social networks. Every like, retweet, mention, etc counts as influence. Certain brands offer perks to you if you have a high enough klout score and if you are influential about topics related to their product. Some of the topics I’m not sure where klout gets but a lot of them are what you talk about on twitter or facebook (or google+).

If you want to do more than just let klout calculate your score you can log into klout to give other people K+ which increases their ability to get perks by showing how influential they are about certain topics.
Sign up: and add me: as an influencer. Or don’t.
PS- Sometimes Klout is stupid and just makes shit up—klout scores don’t always make sense. Sometimes people flood the hell out of your twitter feed with klout stuff. Sad to say that I do that sometimes, but I find it fun. And I get free stuff sometimes. Do it or don’t, I just wanted to inform you in case you haven’t had your twitter feed flooded ;)


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