Thursday, May 17, 2012

At the mall...

Im at the mall waiting for my engraved anniversary gift for my boyfriend to be ready--hoping that he continues to be stuck at work. Its a double gift--he got a promotion to head server or service manager or something AND the anniversary.

So since hes a head honcho now he had to go into work for a few hours to take care of a luncheon on his day off. Gives me time to get this done as I am a forever procrastinator and somehow always busy.

It should be ready in less than 30 mins!! Im excited, its actually something ive been wanting to get him before he got the promotion--and now it worked out perfect.

In other news I officially start school again in august for my vet tech license. I think Ive decided to even try to figure out vet school eventually...we'll see, one step at a time. Im taking two classes thru a distance learning online program thru San Juan College, they were so helpful and knowledgable about everything and they make sure i dont take on more than i can handle.

Im hoping we can swing the money with a payment plan between davids promotion and my pet sitting and reopening my etsy shop (TBA) and next semester i should be able to take 3 classes which is minimum for federal loans. So much excitement today I'm starting to get super anxious. Breaaaathe!!!

PS all the kids here look so young--were we this young when we were mallrats??


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