Sunday, June 17, 2012

Catching up…

Hmm I knew it had been a while since I posted. You guys know how life sometimes catches up with you and bogs you down for a while. I have no energy to do anything these days. (No, not pregnant, if anyone was thinking that. Oddly {or maybe not oddly?} that is often the conclusion we jump to when womens aren’t feeling well). Oh yeah, I know what it is though. You know when you “suffer” (I say “suffer” because I don’t feel like I’m suffering, but just existing with…currently) from depression and anxiety and you forget to take your medication for a week? Yeah that. I know, I know. How does one forget to take their medication for a whole week? I don’t know…I just know that  I did. Which would explain the random crying fits and emotional-ness all week. Oh bother.
Anyway, I took it. Haha, thanks to David for reminding me. My brain doesn’t always function properly. But that’s cool, its just me. So since I haven’t shared my last few Talk Nerdy posts I’m gonna give you a quick update with that:
The end of May I got to work at 7:30am to find a mother cat tied to our pole and 9 kittens sitting on top of a mesh hamper.

Basically there was two litter of kitten and two mothers were originally left but one was no where to be seen. Our clinic kept them for a few days and we were desperately searching for a rescue to take them as well already had 5 stray kittens in house. 3 from the previous litter of 7 and two more we took in.
To make a long story short, I was able to find a foster home who was actually a rescue volunteer and would be able to trickle them into the non-profit rescue. AWESOME!
The beginning of June my boyfriend was promoted to head server/floor manager of the restaurant. I received a call from the Center of Birds of Prey letting me know that the owl I rescued was well enough to be released, and they wanted to know if I’ve like to attend. SOOO fucking bummed I couldn’t.
Our foster kitten made HUGE strides in socialization progress. She started purring after 5 days in our care. Big change from “pancaking” that she would always do. Also since David became manager he asked me to help market the restaurant through social media. SWEEET!

The last two posts I wrote for are pretty important to me so they will be separate posts on this blog. Look for them tomorrow and the following day. I’m going to schedule them right now :)
But yeah, I’m doing good today, once my meds kicked in. I’ve also found a new skin care product line that is natural, cruelty free, and some of it is organic!
Also, check out the page I’m managing for the restaurant please:
Annnd my ‘writer’ page on facebook seriously needs some likes and I’m not ashamed to pander for them here <3


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