Monday, June 18, 2012

I love you Cally

*Written last Saturday**

This post is not for people who think of pets as *just* a cat or dog or whatever animal. For some people they are family members and they are deserving of such respect. 

Today was a rough day. Ok to be honest this last week has been kind of rough. I've been having headaches and migraines on and off for about two weeks now, it's probably the weather. Here in Florida it’s been overcast and rainy almost every day. It sucks but we really need the rain, or so I'm told.

Anyway, some of you guys may remember back in February when I wrote the post "In Memory." It was for a client of mine who had passed away. I had become pretty close with the family over the last almost two years of nursing their kitties back to health and pet sitting for them. The family is clients of my clinic and of my pet sitting business (and now I'm glad to call them friends). I have spent many evenings syringing food into their cats mouths and medicating them. They've invited me over for dinner and drinks. They are just genuinely the kindest people I've ever met and when Don passed away my heart ached for them. Today we had to euthanize one of their kitties and I feel like a part of me is missing. Actually right now I feel really numb and its taken me hours to get myself together and right this post. The wonderful kitty named Cally lived to almost 17 years old with a number of ailments including cancer. She never suffered, her mom always made sure that if it got to that point we would let her go peacefully. That day was today. She was a diva, a princess, a silly little grouch, but we all loved her.

This is an old photo that the daughter posted on Facebook today. We should all remember Cally plump and happy. 

Thank you Cally for every moment of happiness you gave your mom and rest of your family. I know you waited as long as you could after your daddy died, your mommy needed you. Even though you were sick and felt so bad, I know you recognized my voice and purred, for that I will never be the same.


  1. She looks just like my darling Jellybean that we had to put down in March. Brings tears to my eyes! But how wonderful is it to be blessed with the company of a furbaby. RIP Cally.


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