Thursday, August 16, 2012

Keep your chin up!

We are still hanging in there! The boyfriend has been getting around 20 hours the last two weeks at work so we are headed in the right direction. However somehow we neglected to pay our cable/internet bill and that has been disconnected. Sad times, luckily we both have iphones and therefore internet. So that is why I havent been around much in the blog world or social networks. I just use my phone which does a good deal but I hardly have time to go sit at starbucks to leach wifi from.

Thanks to some help from parental units I am still going to start school this semester. I officially registered for veterinary medical terminology and made my first payment--I still have to order my book but I have about a week til class starts. Im really excited! Ive been a vet tech for almost 13 years and I am on my way to earning my license! this also means I will be able to attend conferences for a discounted rate! Eventually (I recently decided this) I will go to vet school. :)

I start Monday!! All online.

Saturday I went to the Aveda beauty school for a friend as a hair model (shes a student) and got a new haircut/style. My hair is really thick and since shes a student and has to check in with the instructors it took forever!! But it was free, kinda, they ask that you do make some purchase when you have services done so I got a roll-on tube of natural headache oil stuff. I already have something similar so I knew I would like it. My hair had gotten so long and the girl took off about 6 inches in length then a bunch all over by putting in tons of layers. I wanted to cut it shorter but my boyfriend would die (oh the things I do to keep him happy--well he does deal with my crazy ^.^). Its kind of short in the front but I really like it. So that was fun.

I finally listed a few pairs of earrings I made on my etsy shop. ( I use natural gem stones and hypoallergenic metal when possible. $1 from every sale goes to a non-profit animal advocacy group: currently our local SPCA. The rest will go to supplies and other bills. Eventually my kitty needs surgery and the money will go towards that. One thing at a time. So yeah, buy my stuff! Ive designed a few more things but need wifi access for at least 20 mins to list everything.

Tonight I will photographing my friends very first art exhibit during a gallery hop in Downtown Orlando.

<3 Lindsay


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