Thursday, August 2, 2012

Looking Forward from @TNTML

This post was my last weeks submission for talk nerdy to me lover ( Figured I'd share :)

What a week! I don't know if you guys remember but right before last Christmas my boyfriend was fired from his job (bad tempered impulsive employer). Then a week later rehired, three months after that he was the manager, and I created/managed their social media accounts/online presence. Now he no longer works there again. Ha! Long story short--after being called in pretty much every day off he had in two weeks (including our 4 day stay-cation), he finished up all his work, counted out his money, said goodbye to two other staff members, and went home for the night. Thirty minutes later he gets a text from one of the other servers saying that the boss took him off the schedule because he didn't tell the boss he was leaving. We assume he is fired but find out he's actually "not fired but has no shifts this week and has to come to the meeting" (to be yelled at). He already had a job interview waiting in his back pocket. So we said fuck that and he's off to the next adventure. Who knows how often that creep will keep doing that. I really thought he was a nice guy deep down since he's helped us out of a bad spot financially once (and he was paid back in full) but after this crap I wonder if he's just an asshole or bipolar. This is coming from a girl with a chemical imbalance/whatever. Oh well, I am learning to not hold on to anger. The new job is some fancy members only club in downtown Orlando. No tips but consistent hourly pay and opportunities for advancement. I guess it's banquet dining or something, so it’s mostly set up and clean up. If anything it will look good on his resume and be great experience. Who knows, maybe he'll move up and love it there.

As far as my job-- same old, same old. Vaccinating, neutering, and saving lives. You know. Hehe, well not quite that dramatic. We actually have three of the foster kittens at home with our two cats and two dogs (and bearded dragon) as we are having pest control down at the clinic. At work I found out that my friend (also my hospital manager and amazing artist) is having her first galley exhibit in August during the Downtown Orlando Gallery hop. It goes up mid august and her paintings will stay up until September. I offered to photograph the event, I'm no professional but my camera is decent. So I have that to look forward to. I'm pretty excited! The other thing that is coming up for me is that one of the servers my boyfriend used to work with (who actually quit when she found out what happened, good friend!) is a student at the local beauty school and offered to do my hair for free if I would be a hair model. Sounds great to me! I usually don't know what I want to do with my hair so I just find a hip looking stylist and ask her to do whatever she think would look good. She's been planning my hair for a while now so we are both excited. I plan to take some before and after photos.

So aside from the fact that we are probably about $400 behind as we are waiting for my boyfriend to start the new job, we do have things to look forward to: My birthday present from him(I have no idea what it is! It's going to be way late but who cares?), starting school for my vet tech license, Sundays off together, fresh food, walks with the dogs AND boyfriend, new haircut, photo shoot of an art exhibit, a boyfriend not utterly exhausted and unhappy from work, more time together!, and just life in general. Yay!

Here's Michelle's website, the tree/nature paintings are my favorites!


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