Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sorry I’ve been gone and Around @TNTML

Sorry that I’ve been really absent from the blog for the past two weeks. Due to a mixture of depression, exhaustion, broken touch pad on the laptop, and just not that much free time. We’ve been pet sitting and trying to do whatever to make ends meet. Its been a little rough lately but we are almost there. A few more crappy weeks and hopefully we will be back on our feet. Anyway, while I attempt to write another post today I wanted to my latest post from Talk Nerdy to Me Lover.


My boyfriend got the job! He’s getting 20-30 hours a week! We are super happy! Even with the new job life has been slightly more difficult with the boyfriend being without for two weeks. We are definitely a little behind but we have been moving bills around so we can make sure to pay "on time".

He started this week and already has been scheduled for 26 hours next week. So we will catch up slowly but surely. In order to make ends meet we have been pet sitting a lot and I’ve been making jewelry to stock my etsy shop. It’s a lot of work to create, take photos, edit said photos, post on etsy, etc. whew!

Ive also got a few klout perks for moo cards that I need to use for my businesses: my pet sitting business and my blog/etsy shop. I'm hoping to share some creations next week as I’m busy with pet sitting, kennel duty, my pets, and all that other stuff I mentioned.

Oh and since I'm no longer managing social marketing for my boyfriend’s old job I’ve been working on helping family and friends with theirs. I'm no expert but I figure since I'm fairly successful I should be able to give them a few tips.

Hope everyone is doing well!

<3 Lindsay


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