Thursday, September 13, 2012

Seconds of Inspiration

Sometimes I think I have ADD because I get these flashes of ideas that if I don’t write down or execute immediately they disappear. My brain constantly jumps from one thing to another and sometimes when I’m trying to express thoughts or ideas when speaking I trip over my words like my brain is moving faster than my mouth. AH!

Whew, I needed that to get out. Anyway, I’ve sold a few items thru my etsy shop (click this link or the tab above) so now I can donate $7 of my sales to the rescue group I’ve chosen. The founder of the rescue is putting together a fundraiser in the next few months and she invite me to come and sell my goods and I can donate whatever portion I would  like to the rescue. AWESOME! I’m really excited to get my name out there more but also to help animals in need. The reason I love her rescue so much is 1. as I’ve previously stated, she’s been helping my clinic find homes for our abandoned kittens, 2. she specifically pulls pets from our local kill shelter who are on “death row” or special needs pets, and 3. she always seems so  stressed out so I really want to help them!

ADD insert: Speaking of inspiration, two xmas’s ago my friend Michelle from Art of ME gave me these awesome beginner painting supplies which I’ve only dabbled with (I’m self conscious). But as I started using my netbook again instead of lugging my giant laptop around I found an old wallpaper photo of Joshua Trees that I loved and had been wanting to attempt to do my own version in paint. I’ve just changed it back to my desktop background to help encourage me. It’s beautiful, I need to add seeing joshua trees to my life list. (added!)

the joshua tree

On another note of inspiration my good friend from UF Veterinary Medical Center (she no longer works there either, she now lives in NC) contacted me on facebook and asked me to crochet her 7 month old baby an apple beanie hat. I found an awesome pattern that I’m going to add my own spin on (as usual) and it should be finished tonight and listed. If it turns out really nice I will offer it on etsy again. I’m so excited! Here’s a glimpse on progress the first night:


Yay :)


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