Monday, September 24, 2012

What just happened?? from TNTML

This post has a bunch of profanities. Sorry, but sometimes that’s how I talk. Particularly when being harassed by teenagers. Man, if my parents really knew how other kids were/are they would realize how good my brothers and I were/are. Anyway, this is an account of some idiotic drunk teenagers acting like hooligans.

It was like 8pm when I was walking the dogs right outside my apartment building. As I'm walking towards the grass I see a group of teenagers or young adults coming from the park area into the parking lot. I happened to be glancing that way because-- 1. I was just looking that direction and 2. There was a group of people coming my way so of course I’m going to look that way and 3. I have two large dogs so I need to be aware of my surroundings (as you should anyway).


This one kid yells "what the fuck you lookin' at?"

I look up, turn towards them (I was just standing there waiting for the dogs to pee), and say "excuse me?" not entirely sure what had just occurred. This kid, gives me the stink eye. You know, the evil eye, the devil stare, death look, the glare, the look, bitch face, etc. 

"Yeah you, why the fuck you looking?"

Slightly taken aback, I pause for a moment before responding, "what the fuck, dude. I'm just walking my dogs. Do you even live here?" The girls in the group tried to tell him to stop but he wouldn't listen. They apologized to me for his behavior.

The brat spoke up again, "No I don't live here, fuck you!" I really didn't feel like having a shouting match with what appeared to be a child nor did I feel like being bullied by some punkass kid. 

"I don't need this shit. I'm just walking my dogs over here and you start yelling at me, what the fuck man? If you don't live here you need to leave. "

He yells "fuck you, I don't have to leave"

Pffft. "fuck this," i said, " get off the property or I'm calling the cops, or security."

The girls plead with me not to. I have my cell in my pocket (they don't know that) but I start walking towards the building. I really didn't want to deal with security or the police. One of the other boys walks over to me and shakes my hand.

"I live here and we were just leaving. I'm really sorry about him, please don't mind him. You don't need to call anyone, we're leaving" This kid was kind of slurring his words...then it clicked. Fucked up kids!

"Dude," I said, "Is he drunk?"

The nice boy replied, "yeah he's wasted and his grandfather just died so he's really messed up right now. He's really drunk."

As this kid and I were talking the others usher the obnoxious one into a vehicle to shut him up.  I told them, "its cool guys. I wasn't staring you down i was just walking the dogs and you guys happened to be there. And then he started yelling at me which is bullshit"

They continue to apologize and tell me, "no, you're cool. He's just messed up. You didn't do anything. His grandfather was shot twice in the head and its got him really fucked up." I tell them no worries and that we are cool and everything is fine. Two cars leave and as I’m reassuring the dogs that they aren’t in trouble, another kid on a motorcycle comes over and apologizes also. I tell him not to worry about it, shit happens, and I understand.

The dogs were freaked out and thought they were in trouble. Now that I think about it I'm surprised wynnie didn't have a meltdown. I was so annoyed i went right over to the boy who walked over to me without thinking about her reaction (she wouldn't attack unprovoked) and the boy must have been pretty drunk too as he wasn't hesitant around the dogs like most people who don't know them are.  It was rather amusing after the fact. Although I was ready to throw down with some kid. Good thing he had friends who were more level headed.  When I told my boyfriend, David, about it he was perturbed. He told me that next time i should get him and he'd deal with it. He was upset that I even engaged in the argument--said they could have ganged up on me. I don't know about that. 

1. They were drunk or on drugs

2. I had two big dogs with me that can be scary when needed.

3. I'm pretty sure I could have defended myself.

But i guess it was a group so more of a problem--but I'm pretty sure my dogs wouldn't tolerate any funny business. What a weird night.


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