Thursday, October 4, 2012

Citations, Kittens, and Blogs…

Weird combo, huh? Well that has been my week so far! Getting hassled by the man was probably the worst point of my week despite a few sad times at work. I got out of work super late one night and instead of going all the way back home to wait for like 20 minutes and then leave again for David, I just hung out around downtown, or attempted to. I pulled up to a stop sign, stopped briefly, looked for any other cars/pedestrians, actually saw one crossing where I was going and paused, then made a left into a traffic circle or rotary (or we call them round thingies) where a police vehicle was with its lights on. Across the street another police vehicle had its lights on. I make my circle around and the officer walks over and shines his flashlight at me. I figured he was going to tell me they were looking for someone or something but he demanded my ID. I was rather taken aback and definitely gave him a little attitude. I had a headlight out and he stated I ran the stop sign. 

"No sir, I did not." And I handed him my ID and registration.

I mean seriously, I saw two police vehicles on either side of the street would I really run a stop sign? He proceeded to ask me repeatedly (like 3-4 times) if my license would check out ok, if I had any drugs or weapons, and oh yeah is my license ok? Fucking moron. Literally, he asked me three fucking times. Just run my fucking ID jackass. Ugh. Then he began questioning me as to where I was going, where that location was (honestly if he works downtown he should know where the oldest members club is), and why I was in my current location if I was going there. Seriously??? So I was beginning to feel harassing, badgered, whatever. On top of all that bullshit he kept asking me how you stop at a stop sign. WTF.

"You stop at the stop sign, sir, I not sure what you are asking me. You stop, look, and go."

Apparently that wasn't the correct answer, he kept pestering on how to stop. I kept trying to answer him but he rejected what I said. I knew what he wanted to hear but there is no law stating how long I have to stop or where exactly I have to stop as long as its before the stop sign. I told him what he wanted to hear and then he asked me why I was being "snooty."


I explained to him that I felt like he was talking down to me and I was beginning to feel harassed. Of course he didn't like that answer, he didn't like any of my answers and continued to be disrespectful throughout our entire encounter. Oddly enough with another officer sitting in his vehicle. He started off with an attitude so what does he expect? You only get respect when you give it, I don't give a flying fuck who you are. So he proceeded to write me two tickets, one for running a stop sign and the second for my headlight. He told me I could take them to court but I won't win. Ha! I have a lawyer you bastard. I spoke to him right after the encounter and we are going to try. I already have him working on something else so he's gonna just charge me a tiny bit more to represent me for this. I told him I'd pay him any amount to keep my money out of the court. I hate cops on a power trip. You are just regular citizens also, no need to treat the rest of us like crap. The officer who was the passenger had my cop write his name on my citation also so they will both get to show up for court. How nice, paying two of them to come to court and lie. Awesome. Thankfully I had a better experience last night with a nice officer so at least I know they aren't all bad. Karma will get those who can't play nice with others. 

Ok, better things....Kittens!!!

photo (1)

Ohhh so cute, these little guys are two of seven that were dumped at my clinic (again...). We have found homes for two (not pictured), the tabby pictured has been adopted by one of our technicians, we have two at Petco as featured adoptables with the help of Faith Hope and Love Rescue, and two are still at our clinic. So a very successful weekend! We only have to find homes for 4 little babies still and hopefully the 2 at Petco will find awesome homes in the next few days. Not sure if I mentioned but we still had a few kittens left a few weeks ago and all five have been adopted. 3 into separate homes and the two that were litter mates were adopted together, we will see them Saturday!

About blogs! It's not that big of a deal but I offered to help the rescue create a webpage using a blog platform because right now all they have is the one you can get with sucks. ( Really bad. I'm hoping with my decent amount of experience I will be able to put something simple but highly usable and functional. I will definitely keep you all posted!

Here’s what I’ve been working on (sneak peak for MY readers!)


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