Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy National Vet Tech Week! (A week behind but its ok)

Note: Vet Tech Week WAS last week Oct 14-20th but I'm behind on my posts so I wanted to share anyway :)
I finished setting up the website/blog for the rescue group my clinic works with: Faith Hope and Love Rescue. The webpage they currently use is the basic info page shelters get when they sign up with and its really simple.
The one I set up for them is also basic but its more pleasing to the eye and I think more user friendly. I set it up through my blogger account, currently it will just be informative but if they would like to use it for posts and updates I'll help with that as well. Here's the new one:
They were really excited to see it and I'm hoping that the next step will be to purchase a domain name so its easier to find them. The big plans in process for the rescue is trying to get funding to open up a shelter. I really want to help  them get started with that. I gave them my email and phone number in case they want to ask me for help with anything.
Another animal advocacy group I'm involved in is the No Kill shelter movement. ( and  I've also given them my contact info because there is going to be very important animal advocacy legislation coming next year. January is when they are planning to reach out to us for help. Here's a few links about the group, and this isn't a new idea. The first no kill open admission shelter celebrated it's 10th year of saving 90% or more of pets. The average in regular shelters is about 50%, some better, some worse(*coughPETAcough*
And in awesome news:
David and I have planned our weekend getaway to Miami! Yay :) Going to see a comedy show, lay on the beach, shop a little, and just have fun. I can't freaking wait! We are driving down in my pretty car and I just know we will have a blast.
Starting today is National Veterinary Technician Appreciation week. We are often an under-appreciated profession, by our bosses, coworkers, and customers. (Not at my place though! Our group is great together.) Take a moment this week to give them/us a special thanks :) I can't wait to get my two fellow techs little gifts. Also one of the techs is our manager and boss's day is Tuesday so we are going to make sure she and our vet get something nice.
Here's what I wrote on facebook about it:
National Vet Tech Appreciation week starts today! 

Just remember when we are at work taking care of your pets, we are missing our own. We help new owners with puppies and kittens start off life right, we advocate for highest quality medicine
we can achieve, we help animals and their owners when their precious pets are sick or injured, we stand by your pets side when you are unable to be there for their euthanasia; often holding them, kissing them, and telling them how good they are and how much they are loved; often crying ourselves during or after. 

Please know we are not in this business for the money, but because we truly care for animals. The world would be so very empty without our pets.


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